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Thanks to the Girl Scouts, and summer camps Mary Deen Vreeland and Alice Merritt. Posted: Jul 21, 2011
I was born and raised in the city, and did not have the most stable home life. I now thank my lucky stars for scouting, and summer camp in particular.
I can still picture Alice Merritt, arriving the first time, terrified, and just dropped off. I attended as a Brownie, then on to GS Camp. I still think about those wonderful days. I remember camping on both sides of the main road, the dining hall, trips to town, the lake, and so many more things.
I was (am) an only child of parents with an alcohol problem, and at this age, 71, I know my life would not have turned out as it did. Thank you, thank you, and please, moms, send your children to camp. Both of my daughters went, and loved it also.
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