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Girl Scout Memory by Cheryl McGuff Posted: Dec 2, 2005
One of my most memorable experiences in Girl Scouting was when I was taking summer training at Camp Alice Merritt. I recall some miscommunication between the leaders of our group, and I was left to lead a group of older Brownies. It was close to supper time and since I was in 6th or 7th grade I was “in charge”. I can remember being afraid at first, but I knew how to cook outdoors. My troop leader back home (my Mom) had done a great job teaching our troop so I was prepared. I broke the girls up in patrols and we all got busy with the fires and food prep .By the time the leaders arrived back at our campsite the girls were eating and singing. Looking back as an adult, I am not sure what happened that day, but I do know it changed me. I learned that I could overcome my fears and take charge.
A few years later when I was a Cadette, a girl in my sister’s senior troop wrote a song, and the chorus read “Girl Scout’s don’t give up, but they try”. I teach just about every troop I have been involved with this song. Many years later I received a thank you note from a girl at the end of summer camp. The note said “Mrs. McGuff, I will never forget Girl Scout’s don’t give up but they try”. The note meant so much to me. At least one girl understood…..She learned, as I had, what Girl Scouting is all about.

Cheryl McGuff
Camp Carlson name-Cheryl Charmin (ok, I wrapped my whole body in toilet paper)
CT Trails Historical Committee Chair

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