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My Earliest Girl Scout Memory by Tina Mortimer Posted: Mar 3, 2006
My earliest memories of Girl Scouting are of marching with my Brownie troop in our townís annual Memorial Day Parade. I remember holding the flag and waving to my family and friends as I marched down Main Street. It was the first time Iíd been in front of so many people! But I wasnít afraid, or embarrassed. (Even though this was the first time anyone other than my parents and my troop had seen me in my uniform!) I was just six or seven years old and I felt special.

I think thatís what I gained most from my time in Girl Scouting Ė confidence. I remember our troop leader always told us - no matter what Ė keep your head up and be proud of yourself.

And every time I earned a badge, or received a patch or pin (like I am in this photo) I was proud of myself. At the time I didnít realize how much I was learning by earning those badges and pins, but now I understand just how important all of those experiences were to my sense of self.

I still carry that confidence with me today. And whenever Iím feeling unsure of myself or afraid, I remember to keep marching forward with my head held high.
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