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Outdoor Cooking Posted: Jun 4, 2010
Growing up I was a Girl Scout in Connecticut. My daughter joined a troop when she was of age, too. When she grows up I hope that the tradition will continue. There are so many warm memories, although one sticks out in particular. My troop leader took us camping one spring during a particularly wet season. We were staying in tents that I was convinced were designed to collect and dump chilly rain water directly on our heads at night. By the 2nd night I was sure I was going to drown. The rain would stop and start in perfect timing with our outings. I was really looking forward to cooking outdoors. But for the first two days it seemed like the rain wasn't going to cooperate nad let us eat a warm meal. By the third day I was considering that this camping stuff might not be for me. Then it happened. The sun came out and dried up our drenched tent. The whole campsite took on a new luster as the sun shone everywhere. The moss that only a day before was uncomfortably slimy and slippery now appeared like a celtic green velvet covering the pathway to the river. The earth that once was a puddle-filled mess, now smelled like an earthen pot. And, the best was yet to come. The outdoor fire that was once impossible was now a fire pit filled with rocks and wood waiting to warm our food. I learned it wasn't going to be an above ground fire, but one dug deep and kept warm with rocks. Our troop leader,knowing everyone was very close to mutiny, taught us hwo to cook our desert first. We made a cooked banana, marshmellow and nut dish that we buried among the rocks and covered with dirt that was out of this world when it emerged. I have never tasted anything so warm, sweet and sticky in my life. All the chills of the previous day disappeared. It made every minute of waiting and wishing worth it. Everyone one of the Girl Scouts around me had the same looks on their faces. It was as if a giant secret had been shared amongst our tropp members without use of the spoken word. We shared something special tha bonded us to that place and each other. We knew we could get through anything, achieve all our goals and in the end the sun would shine and save the day. I hope every Girl Scout has a special moment in their lives when they realize that what Scouts share is something very special that can't be summarized in the number of badges earned. Scouting is so much more.
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