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Scouting stays with you for life! Posted: Jul 21, 2010
I want to say how wonderful it has been to find these Girl Scout memories..Since I have not yet seen it mentioned I'll admit to being a Camp Laurel camper/CIT/counselor and part of the "glowing wood" work. (Bioluminescent fungus "foxfire" became a science project that earned me an honorable mention one year for the National Science Foundation.)

I want to share a scout tale that my mom (passed 1995) used to tell about the troop being surrounded by cows during a visit to a farm. There was a strange fascination by the bovines with the troop leaders' new sedan as much "cow licking" took place at the blue car before they were shooed away. There must be something potent in cow saliva because a few day's later pink spots were reported to appear all over the vehicle's paint.

I was fortunate to be a Girl Scout International Ambassador in 1965 and attend a gathering of Scouts and Guides in Madagascar and tour a few parts of Africa meeting more scouts... The only problem with being marked for life by such adventures is that it is hard to find comrades with which to continue to explore. I sure wish I could find a wandering Alum that does not mind rustic travel and enjoys snorkeling -- that darn emphasis on the buddy system..
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