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Flat Juliette Stories

Juliette's trip with the Peace Corp

Posted: Oct 25, 2012
I sent my Flat Juliette with my cousin when
she entered the Peace Corp this past June.
She met up with a Girl Guides Troop and
took Flat Juliette's picture with them. Here is
what she said:

Flat Juliette and I are in Kakata, Liberia at Doe Palace, which was built for former President Samuel Doe and has now been converted to a training compound for the U.S. Peace Corps. We are with a girls club from Salala, Liberia. The club is the Liberian form of Girl Scouts. These girls meet once a week, and have been sewing purses called "Bosh Bosh Bags," which are bags made out of the leftover material Liberians use to make clothing; this project has taught them a valuable Liberian skill (sewing), and they sell the bags to pay for their schooling (public school is not free in Liberia). They were visiting Doe Palace to deliver handmade Kindle cases to all of the Peace Corps Volunteers (that's 36 cases!). The girls were SO excited when I told them about the Girl Scouts of America, and they absolutely loved having their picture taken and being able to see themselves on the camera screen.

I hope this is what you're looking for! I'll keep Flat Juliette on me if anything else pops up, but I thought getting a picture with a Girl Scouts-like group was a really good opportunity.

- Rachel
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