Financial Flair Activity 9:
From Dream to Reality (Creating Your Own Nonprofit)

Have girls done the Science and Tech Trek activity “Through Your Eyes”?
(Click here to go to “Through Your Eyes” activity.)
This is a good time for girls to apply their own
design and engineering skills when deciding on
a product or service to sell.

Activity Objective: Girls explore the aspects of making a business plan.

Toward Leadership Outcomes:

Through this activity, girls will:

  • Gain practical life skills—Girls understand the impact of financial transactions on their lives. (Discover)
  • Promote cooperation and team building—Girls can build effective teams, learn to be accountable for their shared goals, and show recognition for others’ accomplishments and contributions. (Connect)
  • Become resourceful problem solvers—Girls can use their knowledge and skills to set up and implement creative and effective “action plans,” locate tools and resources they need, and know when, where, and how to enlist help from others. (Take Action)

Experience Overview:

  • 2 min. Introduction (Talking Points)
  • 45 min. From Dream to Reality (business plan) This may extend to another meeting
  • 5 min. Reflection/Discussion

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper (or journals) and pens or pencils (enough for each girl)
  • If desired, large poster board and markers

Prepare Ahead:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

» Introduction (Talking Points) (2 minutes)

  • Say something like: “In our last meeting we began to think about how we want to use our profits to make the world a better place, and today we will start figuring out how we are going to make that profit. In other words, today we will decide on an idea for our nonprofit company and work together to create a business plan.”

» From Dream to Reality (Business Plan) (45 minutes)

  • Distribute pens or pencils.
  • Distribute copies of the “Create Your Own Business Plan” handout.
  • As a group, have girls decide on a nonprofit business idea. Remember to stand back and let girls make their own decisions whenever possible.
  • Separate the club into four smaller groups. Ask each group to complete a section of the business plan: mission, budget, timetable, roles.
  • Ask each smaller group to present their ideas to the club. Solicit feedback from girls in the other groups. (If you have made a large poster, ask a girl to record the club’s thoughts and ideas for everyone to see.)

» Reflection Discussion (5 minutes)

Ask girls:

  • What was it like to work together in your small group? Was it easy or difficult to come up with ideas and a business plan?
  • What kinds of qualities do you think a person needs to be an effective part of a business planning team?
  • Have you ever created a budget?
  • Who do you think balances the budget for your school?
  • How can the process of creating a business plan help you in your personal life?