Getting Started: The Girl Scout Leadership Experience

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience enables girls to develop the values and skills they need to be leaders in their lives right now, as well as in the future.

The activities in this guide, like all Girl Scout Leadership Experiences, are built on the three Girl Scout keys to leadership.  Girls become leaders by:

  • Discovering: Understanding themselves and their values, and using their knowledge and skills to explore the world
  • Connecting: Caring about, inspiring, and teaming with others, locally and globally
  • Taking Action: Acting to make the world a better place

By using skills that have been developed through the financial literacy and STEM activities in Mix it Up!, girls have the opportunity to improve the lives of others by participating in a Take Action Project.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience also ensures that the activities are meaningful and beneficial to girls by tying them to a core set of national leadership outcomes and infusing the activities with the processes of girl-led, learning by doing, and cooperative learning.

Guiding girls through the activities will result in the development of positive attitudes toward learning and raise their confidence. Their personal growth will likely help them better meet the academic pressures they face in school.   By taking time to reflect at pivotal points throughout the experience, girls can apply the concepts and skills they learn to their own lives—feeling more confident in themselves, in their skills, and in their ability to achieve their goals. 

Finally, by participating in the group activities described in this guide, girls will recognize the value of working together and will ultimately feel more connected to their friends, to you, to other adults, and to their communities. 

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