Getting Started: Organizing Sessions

There is no right or wrong way to implement the activities.  You can follow the order in which they are presented in the guide or you can Mix it Up! However, remember that girls will have the most positive and complete learning experience when they apply something they have learned and enjoyed to a Take Action project and make a difference for others.

The Discover and Connect activities that girls do along the way will provide them with the skills they need to develop a Take Action project.  Girls, with your help and guidance, will choose and organize a Take Action Project. For example, you and the girls can start with either the Financial Flair or Science and Tech Trek activities and plan a Take Action project at any time throughout the learning cycle (such as during the middle part of the year, the end of the year, or both).  You and the girls may choose to do the Financial Flair activities in chronological order, culminating in a Take Action project (such as girls starting an after-school math club for younger girls). Or, they may choose to do the Science and Trek Tech activities in sequence (as they appear in this guide), culminating in a Take Action project (such as developing an action plan to begin a recycling program at their school). 

Perhaps your group is already involved with a Take Action project. If so, they may choose to do only a few of the activities that relate to their current project. These activities will help provide a more solid framework for their Take Action project.

You and the girls can also choose to do a mix and match of Financial Flair and Science and Trek Tech activities that culminates in a Take Action project decided on by the girls. In the sidebar (right) are suggestions for various ways of implementing the activities.

Once you are ready to get started, browse through the other sections of the Mix it Up! resource and get ready for a fun experience!