Getting Started: Overview of Activities

The activities are based on the three keys to leadership (Discover, Connect, Take Action) and are organized by category: Financial Flair (financial literacy), Science and Tech Trek (STEM), and Take Action. The Take Action activities provide girls with a step-by-step framework for creating, planning, and organizing their own Take Action project. This set of activities is designed to further support the activities in either of the other categories and will extend the experience of what girls enjoy most.

Meeting Format

Each activity in this guide uses a similar format for use during your group meeting. 

  • Introduction/Talking Points—a “script” that introduces the activity and puts it in the context of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
  • Hands-On Experience—step-by-step instructions for facilitating the activity.  Each activity is designed so girls can learn or practice basic STEM and financial literacy skills in an engaging and fun way.
  • Reflection/Discussion—a list of questions and talking points designed to help girls explore and discuss how the activity’s skills and themes can be useful in their “school world” and can be applied to their “real lives.” Questions can also be used as journal prompts—ideas for girls to write about in their journals.

Be Flexible
When supporting girls in activity selection, the number one rule is to know the girls!  What do they like or dislike?  What kinds of things get them excited?  For example, if you know the group likes the outdoors, encourage girls to choose activities that relate to the environment or activities that can be done outdoors. If the group is particularly interested in aeronautics, suggest girls try “Daredevil of the Sky,” in which girls design and fly their own paper airplanes. 

Also, remember to ask girls what they want to do!  If they especially like a certain activity or subject, ask them what other related activities they might like to do.  For example, they might like to go on a field trip to a science museum or invite an engineer to meet with them. In other words, use the activities in this guide as the foundation to your program, but be creative and flexible about adding other activities.

Other Resources:

Financial Literacy and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are two areas that Girl Scouts has been committed to in developing program for girls. Listed below are additional Girl Scout resources. Check the Girl Scout shop Web site for hard copy resources and also for other STEM resources available either by download or hard copy.

Financial Literacy Resources

Making Cents of Her Life Girls can play the Making Cents of Her Life money management game on the STUDIO 2B Web site to strengthen their fiscal muscles. Sponsored by Visa USA, this game enables girls to work toward achieving the goals of one of four teen or preteen characters. To play the game, go to:

Money Smarts The Money Smarts financial literacy Web pages, sponsored by J.P. Morgan Chase, teach girls the ins and outs of earning, spending, saving, and investing. By setting goals, learning about career choices, figuring out how to budget, and understanding types of bank accounts, girls lay the groundwork for a lifetime of sound decision making and get ready for endless possibilities. Visit the Money Smarts website here:

Cashin' In This book helps girls learn to manage money to afford what really matters in high school: things like a first car, the perfect prom dress, and college.

Got Money? Saving and Investing (available in Spanish and English)
This book helps girls learn how to make their own rules and make their money last throughout their lives.

Mind Your Own Business
With this book girls cultivate skills, knowledge, and confidence to become savvy entrepreneurs.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Resources

Lighten Up! Discovering the Science of Light

Lighten Up! helps girls aged 11–15 to explore optics—a branch of physics—and discover why physics is so important in everyday life. This book offers fun, engaging activities such as making a sunset in a bottle, using Jell-O to understand how lenses work, and crafting a telescope to explore science concepts. Career profiles highlight job opportunities available in the field. The book is available for free via download at

Take Action Resource

aMAZE! The Twists and Turns of Getting Along, the new Cadette Girl Scout Leadership Journey is another resource for Take Action activities.

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