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Each section of this program can be printed from your internet browser or from the PDFs that are listed below (recommended). PDFs handouts and activity worksheets are also available for each section. Just click on the appropriate link to open and print these PDFs.

Getting Started!
Volunteer Guide which includes:
The Girl Scout Leadership Experience
Processes That Support a Leadership Experience
Understanding Middle School Girls
Outcomes: Benefits to Girls
Overview of Activities

Financial Flair
Activity 1: Crunch the Numbers (Volunteer Guide)
Crunch the Numbers (Handout/Worksheet)

Activity 2: HOW Much Are Those Jeans? (Volunteer Guide)
Exchange Rates (Handout/Worksheet)

Activity 3: Setting Goals (Volunteer Guide)

Activity 4: Your Entrepreneur Within (Volunteer Guide)
Business or Pleasure (Handout)

Activity 5: What’s Your Dream Job? (Volunteer Guide)

Activity 6: Runnin’ It (Volunteer Guide)
Do the Math (Handout/Worksheet)

Activity 7: Let’s Go to Commercial (Volunteer Guide)

Activity 8: All the Money in the World (Volunteer Guide)
She's Got Spirit: Hillary's Story (Handout)

Activity 9: From Dream to Reality (Volunteer Guide)
Create Your Own Business Plan (Handout/Worksheet)

Activity 10: Checkin’ In (Volunteer Guide)

Science and Tech Trek
Activity 1: Learning and Memory (Volunteer Guide)

Activity 2: Get Perspective! (Volunteer Guide)
Are you a Lefty or Righty—Brain, that is? (Handout)

Activity 3: Through Your Eyes (Volunteer Guide)
Do It Yourself! (Handout/Worksheet)

Activity 4: Daredevil of the Sky (Volunteer Guide)
Daredevil of the Sky (Handout)
What Makes an Airplane Fly? (Handout)

Activity 5A: Backpack Challenge (Part 1) (Volunteer Guide)
Designing Your Backpack (Handout)

Activity 5B: Backpack Challenge (Part 2) (Volunteer Guide)
What's It Cost? (Handout/Worksheet)

Activity 6: Design Gone Wild (Volunteer Guide)

Activity 7: Media Scavenger Hunt (Volunteer Guide)
Math Media Scavenger Hunt (Handout/Worksheet)

Activity 8A: Marketplace Math (Part 1) (Volunteer Guide)

Activity 8B: Marketplace Math (Part 2) (Volunteer Guide)

Activity 9: Some Like It Hot!
(Volunteer Guide)
It's a Hot Issue (Handout)

Take Action
Activity 1: What's the Issue? (Volunteer Guide)
Steps to Taking Action (Handout)
Ideas for Taking Action (Handout)

Activity 2: Vision and Defining
(Volunteer Guide)
Assessment Chart (Handout)

Activity 3A: Shaping the Plan (Volunteer Guide)
Assessing Your Resources (Handout/Worksheet)

Activity 3B: Taking Action (Volunteer Guide)

Activity 4: Reflect and Celebrate! (Volunteer Guide)