Take Action Activity 3A:
Shaping the Plan

Depending on the scale and scope of the girls’ project, this activity may take longer or shorter to accomplish. It may also be combined with Take Action Activity 2, Vision and Defining. Do not be surprised if the planning stage warrants more meetings than the actual implementation of the plan.

Activity Objective: Girls work together, research, and seek answers to questions as they create the specifics of their Take Action project.

Toward Leadership Outcomes:

Through this activity, girls will:

  • Promote cooperation and team building—Girls can build effective teams, learn to be accountable for their shared goals, and show recognition for others’ accomplishments and contributions. (Connect)
  • Be resourceful problem solvers—Girls can use their knowledge and skills to set up and implement creative and effective “action plans,” locate tools and resources they need, and know when, where, and how to enlist help from others. (Take Action)

Experience Overview:

  • 2 min. Introduction (Talking Points)
  • 45 min. Solution Sleuths: Creating a Realistic Plan
  • 5-10 min. Reflection/Discussion

Supplies Needed:

  • Pens or pencils (enough for each girl)
  • Large pad and marker (or chalkboard)

Prepare Ahead:

  • Have copies available of the “Steps to Taking Action!” handout from Take Action Activity 1 (for girls who may have lost their own copies).
  • Also make available copies of the “Assessing Your Resources” handout. (Click here for “Assessing Your Resources” handout.)
  • Read over the entire activity before meeting with girls.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

» Introduction (Talking Points) (2 minutes)

  • Say something like this: “Now that we have listed several hot topics and assessed each issue, we will need to choose just one that will be our Take Action project. Then we will spend the next few meetings shaping our action plan. We will work together to organize and plan our action steps.”

» Solution Sleuths: Creating a Realistic Plan (45 minutes)

  • Distribute pens or pencils.
  • Distribute the “Steps to Taking Action!” handout and point out #4 (creating a realistic plan, including a timeline).
  • Distribute the “Assessing Your Resources” handout. Ask girls to take a few minutes to fill in their answers on this handout.
  • As a group, identify the steps and resources needed to organize, plan, and implement the Take Action project. Create a list on the large pad.

Ask girls:

  • “What resources will we need?” (What materials do you need? What people do you need to be involved? Do you need money or a physical place?)
  • “Who can help?” (Are there other adults or students who can help?)
  • “Who is doing what?” (Check the roles and responsibility chart for the project.)
  • “When do we need to do what by?” (Create a timeline for the project.)
  • “What does success look like?” (What is the vision for the end result of the project?)

The answers to these questions will be the girls’ full Take Action plan.

» Reflection/Discussion (5-10 minutes)

Ask girls:

  • “Did you work together as a group to create a Take Action plan?”
  • “Was it easy or difficult to reach decisions? Why?”