Take Action Activities

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Activity 1: What's the Issue?
Girls think about how to apply skills learned from the Mix it Up! activities to make a difference in the world around them.
Volunteer Guide (PDF); Activity Handout 1 (PDF),
Activity Handout 2 (PDF)

Activity 2: Vision and Defining
Girls define the goal of their Take Action project and what action steps they will take.
Volunteer Guide (PDF); Activity Handout (PDF)

Activity 3A: Shaping the Plan
Girls work together, research, and seek answers to questions as they create the specifics of their Take Action project.
Volunteer Guide (PDF); Activity Handout/Worksheet (PDF)

Activity 3B: Taking Action
Girls carry out their action plan.
Volunteer Guide (PDF)

Activity 4: Reflect and Celebrate!
Girls reflect on their experience.
Volunteer Guide (PDF)