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Welcome to the Girl Scout Bronze Award, a leadership adventure for you and more than half a million other Girl Scout Juniors across the country and around the world. Imagine what you can accomplish when you team up with others and use your special skills and interests to take action and make a difference in the world!

Earning the Girl Scout Bronze Award involves the time to complete a journey, and then a suggested minimum of 20 hours building your team, exploring your community, choosing your project, planning it, putting your plan in motion, and spreading the word about your project. That's different for every Girl Scout, so these hours aren't a rule, just a friendly reminder.

Here are some resources to get you started:
Bronze Award Guide for Girls
Bronze Award Guide for Adults
Bronze Award Checklist

Have you already earned your Bronze Award? Click here to share your project with others! Adult volunteers should register their Bronze Award Recipients under PG17998. This will officially record the Girl Scout has earned the award.

See a list of recent Bronze Award recipients! Click here to see what projects some of them have shared.

To buy Bronze Award memorabilia, visit our shop.

Steps to earning the Bronze Award 

1. Go on a Girl Scout Junior Journey.
  • You can choose any Journey: It's Your StoryTell It!, It’s Your World—Change It! or It’s Your Planet—Love It! Most girls say they spend three or four months on a journey, but that’s not a rule: Take all the time you need.
2. Build your Girl Scout Junior team.
  • What’s a Girl Scout Junior team? That’s you and other Girl Scout Juniors who are on this adventure together, plus your troop/group volunteer. If there are no other Girl Scout Juniors in your neighborhood, seek out some friends your age—they can even join Girl Scouts and earn the award with you!
3. Explore your community.
  • There are many ways to make a difference, so what’s the best project idea for your team? One that you come up with yourselves, of course! How can you do that? The first step is to take a close look at what’s going on right around you.
4. Choose your Girl Scout Bronze Award project.
  • Meet with your team to share what you’ve seen.
  • Brainstorm ideas about where you can make a difference, based on what you’ve seen. Once you have a list that everyone likes, work together to choose the top three topics that interest everyone the most.
  • Now that you’ve come up with your top ideas, you need to get more information so you can understand how you can best help make a difference.
5. Make a plan.
  • It’s always good to think before you take action. That way, you can aim for success! 
  • Once you have some idea of your plan, ask yourselves if there’s anything you can add or adjust that will help make a difference even after your project ends.
6. Put your plan in motion.
  • Create a list of tasks and deadlines and figure out who will be doing what. Remember, you’re a team, so one or more girls can volunteer for each task. Decide when each task needs to be finished.
  • When your list is complete, it’s time to get started. Talk as a team about your progress.
7. Spread the word.
  • Now it’s time to think about what you did, why it mattered, and what you learned.
  • Be creative in the way you tell your story!
    Think about who you can inspire to make a difference—maybe younger Girl Scouts, students at your school, or other girls around the world.
  • Click here to share your story on the GSOFCT website.
  • Work with an adult to write a press release about what you did!
  • Adult volunteers should register their Bronze Award Recipients under PG17998. This will officially record the Girl Scout has earned the award.


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