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About the Council Service Fee

In November of 2011, the National Convention in Houston approved the concept of a council service fee. This gave Girl Scout councils across the country the option of charging a council service fee for girls only, up to the amount of national dues. In 2013-14, GSUSA membership dues will be increased to $15 for every Girl Scout. These membership dues are sent directly to GSUSA and are used to fund the national organization.

Girl Scouts of Connecticut’s Board of Directors, after recognizing the opportunity that a council service fee offers, made a strategic decision to implement a council service fee for girls only. Recognizing that many families are still challenged in these difficult economic times, the council service fee will be implemented in two phases:

  • 2013-14 – Girls will pay a $15 GSUSA Membership Fee and
    $10 council service fee to GSOFCT

  • 2014-15 – Girls will pay a $15 GSUSA Membership Fee and
    $15 council service fee to GSOFCT

Therefore, the total cost for a girl to be a Girl Scout will be $25 for the 2013-14 membership year. Adults will only have to pay a $15 fee that goes directly to GSUSA.

 No organization wants to increase prices on an activity that benefits girls in so many ways, from making new friends in their troop, traveling to events and series on interesting topics, or learning valuable leadership skills. But when costs of other extracurricular activities are considered, such as cheerleading, athletics, and band, we believe that Girl Scouting is still invaluable.

Think about what your girls have learned over their years in Girl Scouts – how they have developed the courage, confidence, and character necessary to lead in their communities and make the world a better place. There’s no better value than Girl Scouts for those types of experiences! And, to make sure all girls continue to benefit from Girl Scouting, we are offering scholarship aid for any girl who requires assistance with the council service fee.

We have surveyed council delegates and volunteers about what the council service fee should be used for. Here are the key areas we would like to focus on with these funds:
  • To better serve our girls, in all areas – by providing more programming in underserved parts of the state and/or expanding our Signature Programs
  • Provide more services and support to our volunteers
  • Provide more local support to everyone in Girl Scouting
  • We ask for your continued and enduring support to help us continue to offer the great Girl Scouting experiences for our girls across the state!

Please feel free to view our Questions and Answers on the Council Service Fee. Contact your Membership and Marketing Manager should you have any additional questions.

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