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Check this diagram to find out where to place insignia on a Junior Uniform. Click here for a larger PDF version including sash placement.

 1. American Flag
2. Council Identification Set
3. Troop Crest
Troop Numerals
5. Membership Stars and Discs
6. Bridge to Junior Award Patch
7. Junior Aide Award Patch
8. Brownie Wings
9. My Promise, My Faith Pins
Cookie sale Activity Pin
Safety Award Pin
12. Badges
13. 100th Anniversary Pin
14. Insignia Tab
15. World Trefoil Pin
16. Bronze Award Pin
17. Membership Pin
18. Membership Numeral Guard
19. Journey Summit Award Pin
20. Leadership Journey Awards

If your badges and awards don't fit on the front of your vest or sash, you can wear them on the back.

Participation patches ("fun patches") and pins can be worn on the back of the uniform only.

American Flag Patch
American Flag Patch represents the USA flag in a wavy fabric design. Official and embroidered in red, white and blue. It is an optional patch that can be worn by all Girl Scouts on their vest, sash or tunic.

Council Identification Set
The council identification set includes your council name and Official Girl Scouts of the USA identification strip. The two are worn together on the front of the Official Girl Scout vest, sash, or tunic.

Troop Crest

The Troop Crest is chosen by a Girl Scout troop. The crests are worn by Girl Scout Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors. Center the troop crest directly under the council identification strip.
Troop Crest

Troop Numerals

Combine single numerals to create your troop number.

 Troop Numerals

Membership Stars and Discs
Each membership star stands for one year of registration. Place the stars directly beneath the troop/group numerals on the sash or the right side of the vest, beginning with the Girl Scout Daisy star (on BLUE disc) on the right side.

Bridge to Junior Award Patch

The Bridging Award is earned by completing a set of activities described in the Girl Scout handbooks. These activities help a girl learn about the next grade level they are entering.

Junior Aide Award Patch
The Junior Aide Award represents active assistance as a Junior Girl Scout, helping Brownie Girl Scouts bridge to Junior Girl Scouting. Only Junior Girl Scouts can wear it.

Brownie Wings
Brownie Girl Scout Wings show that a girl has completed her years as a Brownie. She is ready to "fly up" to Junior Girl Scouting.

Cookie Activity Pin
The cookie sale activity pin is an earned award that is worn to show participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program after completing participation activities outlined in the Cookie Sale Activity Guide. The pin(s) are awarded each year in a different color.

My Promise, My Faith
The My Promise, My Faith Pin is earned by girls who want to find out what their faith and Girl Scouting have in common, using the Girl Scout Law as a guide. There is a different pin for each year a Girl Scout earns the recognition. Girls can earn this pin once a year at each grade level. The color of the pin corresponds to Girl Scout grade level color.

Safety Award Pin
The updated Safety Award Pin is earned by following a five step process for staying safe. The color of the cross on the pin corresponds to the grade level color.

The Girl's Guide gives girls the opportunity to earn National Proficiency Badges. There are four kinds of Girl Scout National Proficiency badges: Legacy badges, Financial Literacy badges, Cookie Business badges, and Skill-Building badges.

100th Anniversary Pin
Wear this pin to celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting. "Girl Scouts 1912-2012" stamped on back.

100th Anniversary Pin

Insignia Tab
The insignia tab holds the official membership pin and World Trefoil pin (sold seperately).

Insignia Tab

Membership Pin
This pin, shows that a girl is a member of Girl Scouts. It is worn on the Insignia Tab on the left side of the uniform, centered above the heart. Available in contemporary or traditional designs.

Membership Numeral Guard

The numerals show the total number of years (not necessarily continuous or consecutive) of registered membership, both as a girl and an adult, in any Girl Scout/Girl Guide organization. Numeral Guard

World Trefoil Pin
The World Trefoil Pin Shows that you are part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). All Girl Scouts age-levels (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Girls 11-17, and Adult Girl Scouts) wear this pin on the left side of the uniform directly above the Membership Pin on the Insignia Tab.

Bronze Award Pin

The Bronze Award is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn.  Bronze Award

Journey Summit Award Pin
The Journey Summit Award Pin is earned by girls who have completed all three National Leadership Journeys at their grade level. The colored border around each pin corresponds to their grade level.

Leadership Journey Awards
Girls earn awards by completing a Leadership Journey. Each Leadership Journey has a different set of three. Place your first Journey awards at the bottom of your vest and work your way up. Journey AwardsJourney AwardJourney Award

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