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Leslie Karen Hammond is fiercely committed to mentoring women who want to speak confidently and be comfortable in front of any audience, so they can make a powerful impact.

A proven professional, Leslie can guide you through being afraid to speak in public, being comfortable in a position of power or stepping into a leadership role. For over 14 years she has been working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns and guides them to be courageous and feel the freedom that accompanies accomplishment. She knows every woman is far more capable then she believes.

Her path to become a mentor became clear after losing herself and her voice during an 18-year marriage to an alcoholic. There was no support system for personal growth, and the environment won until she changed the situation.

What lights Leslie up about her work is watching her client’s blossom into heart-based, authentically powerful woman. Her clients learn how to comfortably bring the wisdom of their experiences into everything they do and thrive.

What sets Leslie apart is her Native American heritage, her fearlessness to head straight into big challenges, combined with North and South American indigenous traditions.

Her first book Tap You Source, addresses the challenges women face when transitioning through life, relationships and employment. Referred to as a workbook for life, Tap Your Source has easy exercises in each chapter to provide powerful insights into otherwise difficult situations. Leslie’s second book, Women Rising, sheds light on the feminine perspective regarding asking for help, intimacy, power and much more.  She is presently working on her third book.

Five things about Leslie and her experience that might surprise and delight you – she has jumped out of planes, walked on hot coals, eaten fire, loves to horseback ride in the mountains of Taos, NM and feels at home in the jungles of Peru.

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