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Live Healthy Lead Healthy

For girls, being healthy is more than just eating right and exercising. It is also feeling good about oneself, being supported by friends and family. Through Live Healthy, Lead Healthy activities, girls will learn that the choices they make today will impact their future health. GSOFCT offers a wide array of Live Healthy, Lead Healthy opportunities, all designed to help girls learn about positive choices they can make. Girls may participate in patch programs such as Live Healthy, Lead Healthy and The Fitness Challenge. With their troop, family member, or as an individual, they may participate in events or series opportunities.

Live Healthy, Lead Healthy Curriculum

Activities for girls focusing on nutrition, fitness, and stress reduction.

Program Curriculum 

Between Earth and Sky with Healthy Habits
Session 1 - Which one is mine? Learning to balance energy
Session 2 - Living the Law and So Many Seeds
Session 3 - We have skills and so do plants
Session 4 - My Plate
Session 5 - Protecting National and Local Treasures
Session 6 - A Day Outdoors

 Brownies Wonders of Water with Healthy Habits
Session 1 - Loving Water
Session 2 - Water for All
Session 3 - Team Up as Advocates to SAVE Water
Session 4 - Advocates Communicate
Session 5 - SAVE!
Session 6 - SHARE
 Juniors Get Moving with Healthy Habits
Session 1 - Start your engines

Session 2 - Pledging to Save Energy
Session 3 - Get Wild about Energy (and How to Conserve It)
Session 4 - Investigating Buildings Session
Session 5 - Gearing up to Go!
Session 6 - Crossing the Finish Line

Need more ideas about how you can get started with Healthy Habits? Check out these Conversation Starters developed by the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation.

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