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Outdoor Training

Learning Outdoor Cooking
For volunteers interested in learning more about taking girls outside, check out Venture Out, an introduction to outdoor training. Through this interactive session, you can see different scenarios your girls might enjoy. Make sure to click on the owl – she has additional information to share with you!

If the girls in the troop/group plan to participate in outdoor activities, then the troop will need to have an adult who is outdoor trained and who will be responsible for planning and preparing for the outdoor event with the girls; attending the event and help to supervise the girls; listening to the girls and helping them evaluate the experience.
All outdoor training courses are open to currently registered adult Girl Scouts. You do not need to be the Troop/Group leader to be the outdoor trained volunteer.
Girl Scouts of Connecticut offers Regional Training Days and other learning events throughout the year. Courses vary from year to year and event to event. If you have a topic you would be interested in exploring, please send an email to We will do our best to accommodate these topics at our events.

Recommended training for grade levels

Adults should practice outdoor skills and learning experiences with girls prior to taking the next training course. Courses should be taken when the girls are “ready” for the next step (i.e. There is no need to take Camping Adventures when the girls are Girl Scout Daisies and have not experienced a simple hike or Brownies who have not slept overnight in a building).

Recommended courses for different age levels:

Girl Scout Daisies
: Out and About
Girl Scout Brownies: Out and About; Ready? Set? Go!
Girl Scout Juniors: Out and About; Ready? Set? Go!; Camping Adventures
Girl Scout Cadettes: Out and About;
Ready? Set? Go!; Camping Adventures; Winter Camping
Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors: Out and About;
Ready? Set? Go!; Camping Adventures; Winter Camping; Backpacking

Outdoor Learning Courses

Course  Who Must Take Course How Course is Taken
Out and About


This course prepares volunteers to take girls beyond the basic four hour field trip. Topics include health and safety, progression in the outdoors, simple hiking guidelines, and indoor food preparation.

Course Length: 3 hours

At least one adult volunteer for each Troop/Group.

Required to participate in field trips of four hours or more.

Prepares participants to sleep overnight in buildings with an automated heat source, electricity, and running water.

• Classroom setting provided by Council Learning Facilitators or

• Self study also available

Ready? Set? Go!

Prerequisite: Out and About

This course provides volunteers with the skills they need to teach girls to build fires safely, begin their outdoor cooking adventures, and to sleep overnight in established tents, A-Frames, and lean-tos.

Course Length: 5 hours

At least one adult volunteer for each Troop/Group.

• Prepares participants to sleep overnight at camporees or like events only.

• Includes charcoal cooking, propane stoves, S’Mores and more! 

• Offered at program centers around Connecticut provided by Council Learning Facilitators.

*Fee- $20

Camping Adventures

Prerequisites: Out and About and Ready? Set? Go! or
Food, Fire, and Fun

This course builds on previously acquired skills preparing volunteers to plan and carry out camping trips with their girls independent from the Service Unit. Volunteers will expand their camping skills to tenting and explore more advanced cooking techniques to include Dutch ovens.

Course Length: Includes a 3-hour planning session and a 24-hour overnight experience.


At least one adult volunteer for each Troop/Group.

• Required to go individual troop/group camping.

• Volunteers must attend the planning session assigned to a specific overnight experience.

• Recertification needed every 5 years.

• Offered at program centers around Connecticut - Provided by Council Learning Facilitators.

*Fee-$15 plus cost of food and program supplies (To be determined at course Planning Session).

Camping Adventures Recertification Options

Camping Adventures or equivalent 

There are three options to complete the recertification process:

  • Camping Adventures Update: This is a self-paced, comprehensive self-study 

  • Camping Adventures Challenge course: A five-hour course that reviews safety, outdoor cooking skills, and other pertinent information to ensure safe camping experiences.

  • Advanced Outdoor courses: Additional learning opportunities that will take volunteers to new heights in camping and outdoor adventures.
Course Length: Varies

At least one adult volunteer for each Troop/Group.

 • Camping Adventures Update and Camping Adventure Challenge courses will provide a solid review of the skills necessary to renew the Camping Adventures certification.

• Learning opportunities approved for Camping Adventures recertification include but are not limited to, backpacking, winter camping, and advanced outdoor cooking classes. 

Depends on the path chosen:

• Self-study or
• Offered at program centers around Connecticut, provided by Council Learning Facilitators.


  • Camping Adventures Update: None

  • Camping Adventures Challenge: $25

  • Advanced Outdoor Courses: Varies depending on course chosen.



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