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Long Range Property Planning Process
Integrated Board Task Group Charges

The Strategic Plan adopted for the Council calls for us to develop a long-range property plan.  Now is the time to do some serious planning for each of the properties that have come together as part of the realignment.  We have put together teams of staff and volunteers.

Map of Properties The Council will work with a property consultant from GSUSA to create a comprehensive review of the properties, current programs, and usage.  We will use data that has already been gathered and survey girl and adult membership to learn what our goals should be.  The result will be a meaningful plan for retention and development of Council properties.  The process will take from nine to twelve months.

Board President Caroline Sloat, who chairs the Board Property Committee, and Chief Operating Officer Margaret Hansen-Kaplan have recruited teams with expertise in property, program, and marketing to study data and listen to members. 


To develop a property vision that promotes the mission of the organization by including membership and staff input. To research and develop strategies and recommendations for presentation to the Board that may involve property acquisition, development, or sale in order to meet the needs and interests of existing and future girls.

Integrated Board/Staff Task Group

The Integrated Board Task Group oversees and drives the Long Range Planning Process and is responsible for providing recommendations to the Board.

  • Gain recommendations from each sub-task group, analyze and verify recommendations and information.
  • Formulate integrated recommendations that meet a council’s program needs and are within its ability to finance and maintain.
  • Create winning strategies that help the council compete successfully amongst other youth serving agencies within the jurisdiction.
  • Provide and present to the Board a professional presentation with objective and sound source data.

The Board Task Group  seeks membership involvement through out the planning process. Communication will be vital to success. Distribution of data, identification of key constituents, and provision of a variety of communication processes will need to be identified and implemented in order to include a membership voice. Communications to membership should be abundant and frequent.

The Board Task Group should work with the CEO Team in order to provide recommendations that meet the strategic priorities of the council:  The recommendations should realistically assess the community’s financial capacity to support the long range recommendations. The recommendations may require architectural concepts and/or cost estimates in order to move forward.  

The committee consists of:

Caroline Sloat, Chair
Anne Hayes, Vice Chair
Linda Dahlmeyer, Program Research Chair
Adrienne Farrar Houel, Property Research Chair
Peggy Jerrell, Marketing Research Chair
Carol Day, Member at Large
Vacant, Member at Large
Janet Ridenour, Staff
Michele Velez, Staff
Margaret Hansen-Kaplan, Staff Advisor

Market Research Task Group
Chair: Peggy Jerrell

  • bookConduct exploratory research as needed to identify and describe existing and projected jurisdictional socio-economic demographics.
  • Describe characteristics of the existing membership, identify, and describe prospective target membership markets.
  • Identify girl, parent, and troop leader market issues, needs, interests, and expectations.
  • Research availability for all age levels.  Consider delivery methods, locations, costs, demand, past attendance volunteer/staff supports, transportation, and other appropriate issues.
  • Analyze program attendance, retention and progression in skill building and towards desired outcomes achievement
  • Provide recommendations to the Integrated Board/Staff Task Group

Program Research Task Group
Chair: Linda Dahlmeyer
  • TreeExamine program goals, curriculum, progression, equipment, and training requirements.
  • Examine Girl Scout and competing program opportunities available to girls within the jurisdiction.
  • Identify and define the best mix of program offerings and delivery methods, etc. to serve the membership (current and projected) and suggest a preliminary implementation plan.
  • Work with the program task group to gain direct feedback from the girls.
  • Review attendance, cost factors, progress toward program outcomes
  • Identify program delivery sites and alternative sites, and possible collaborations.
  • Review findings of the market research group
  • Provide recommendations to the Integrated Board/Staff Task Group

Property Research Task Group
Chair: Adrienne Farrar Houel
  • tape measureExamine and document all council program delivery and administrative sites and measure the adequacy of the facilities to support present and projected program or administrative functions. Consider site utilization, fitness of facility for intended purpose, program potential, availability of alternative facilities, operating costs, revenue and expense streams, subsidies, etc.
  • Provide site and facility input to the formation of market research.  Review findings of the market and program research groups.
  • Examine the condition of council facilities and identify necessary modifications.
  • Inventory the existence of and quantify costs to remedy deferred maintenance.
  • Assimilate information inputs from all research task groups. Using the facts to create a five year capital improvement plan that identifies needed facilities, or identifies property assets needed to serve the population.
  • Identify obsolete facilities and analyze effectiveness of sites meeting programmatic goals.
  • Provide recommendations to the Integrated Board/Staff Task Group


The process takes about one year and ends when the Integrated Board Task Group submits recommendations to the Council’s Board of Directors.

The sub-committees will meet throughout the state in-person and will use technology tools such as Skype, conference calls, etc. Basecamp will be a tool to share research among committee members.

Each committee will have 10 members or less that will represent the geographical diversity and special talents needed for each group.

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