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ThemeQSP is GSOFCT's fall Product Sales Program that enables girls to ask their customers to support Girl Scouting through the purchase of magazine subscriptions and delicious nuts and candies. This year’s QSP program ran from October 1 through November 1, 2013. Nuts and candies should be delivered in early December so keep your eyes out for them! By participating in QSP, girls will learn how to Be Your Best You! QSP is a fun, quick, and easy way for Girl Scout troops to earn essential start-up money for their annual troop activities. Plus, girls have the opportunity to grow their skills when they set goals and strive to achieve them through solid decision making, money management, people skills and good business ethics.

ShareAs part of the 2013 QSP Program, Girl Scouts of Connecticut was proud to introduce the Share Program. Customers have purchased over 3,800 cans of Honey Roasted Peanuts to be donated to the Connecticut chapter of the American Red Cross. The Share Program is a great way for potential customers to support Girl Scouts without needing to purchase products for themselves.

Four ways for customers to show their support

Online Magazine Orders
Online PatchHarnessing the power of the internet is the most efficient way not only for girls to reach potential customers, but also for customers to order their favorite magazines. Girls, with parent/guardian supervision, send emails via the QSP/Nut Online Portal to family and friends inviting them to shop online for magazines. Customers order magazines through the online site and pay QSP directly via credit card. Not only is the entire transaction completed electronically, but also the customers begin receiving their magazine in a few short weeks.

Catalog Magazine Orders
For customers who prefer perusing a catalog, family and friends can browse the paper catalog and order magazines using the hard copy order forms. Girls collect the completed forms and payment at the time the order is placed.

Hot Cajun CrunchNut and Candy Orders
Customers can choose from a wide selection of nut and candy treats. NEW this year are the Dulce de Leche Owls and Hot Cajun Mix. Girls collect payment at this time and turn it in with their order card. Nut and candy orders will arrive in early December.

Address Booklets
Address booklets allow family and friends who live far away to support Girl Scouts by purchasing and/or renewing magazine subscriptions. The eight coupons in the booklet are completed by the girl/family, and ordering information is sent directly to the person listed on the coupon. The recipients are then able to order/renew magazines.

Online tools for Volunteers

Nut- E 2.0 is the web based QSP Program management system Girl Scouts of Connecticut uses to record and track information from the QSP Program. Every troop/group uses nut-E 2.0 to enter their contact information, enter the girls’ orders, track and select incentives earned by the girls, review the QSP bill and record their payment to the council. For instructions on how to use nut-E 2.0, click here.

Online Banking

Troop QSP Managers/Leaders can use the Webster online banking option to pay for your troop/groups products.You do not need to be a Webster customer to use this option. 

For instructions on how to make a payment, click here.

For more information about the QSP Program or online banking, please contact us at or (800) 922-2770 ext. 3305.


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