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QSP is GSOFCT’s fall Product Sale that allows customers to support Girl Scouting through the purchase of magazines, photo keepsakes, and delicious nuts and candies. This year’s QSP program will run from October 1 through November 1, 2015. Girls are encouraged to Reach New Heights! and Be Spotacular! through the QSP Program. QSP is a quick, simple, and profitable way for Girl Scout troops to earn essential start-up money for their annual troop activities. Plus, girls have the opportunity to build their skills when they set goals and strive to achieve them through solid decision making, money management, goal setting, people skills, and good business ethics.

ShareShare Program returns for 2015!
Girl Scouts of Connecticut is proud to participate in the Share Program and it's back for another year! Customers purchased more than 3,600 cans of Honey Roasted Peanuts to be donated to the Connecticut chapter of the American Red Cross. The Share Program is a great way for potential customers to support Girl Scouts even if they do not wish to purchase products for themselves. Customers can purchase nuts for the Share Program on girls' order cards.

New this year!

Magazine/Nut Online Program

Online Program Girls can Reach New Heights and Be Spotacular through the Magazine/Nut Online Program. Set up your online store, create a cool giraffe avatar, and more! Starting October 1, you can email friends and family, allowing them to shop for, nuts, candies, magazines, and photo keepsake products online and submit their payments directly to QSP. Make sure to sign the Internet Safety Pledge and watch the training video or read the Family Instructions before you start using the program.

 NEW this year! Girls can create their own giraffe avatar to include on their online web page and customer emails. Girls can customize her giraffe to be unique as she is! All girls who achieve $150.00 in online sales (includes all online nut/candy, magazine, and photo keepsake sales) will have an opportunity to order a Giraffe Patch featuring their avatar! Once a girl qualifies for the patch, an email will be sent to the registration email address (parent/guardian email), which will include a link to edit the patch and provide address information. The patch will be sent directly to the girl at the confirmed address within 4-6 weeks.

Ways for customers to show their support

Nuts and Candy
Cark Chocolate Caramel Caps with Sea SaltOrder Cards: Customers can purchase many different products on the order cards. This year we are offering two new items on the order card, Dark Chocolate Caramel Caps with Sea Salt and Black Forest Trail Mix, along with a collectable Girl Scout tin. Girls record customers’ orders and collect payment at the time the order is placed. Nuts and candies ordered on the order card will arrive in early December.

Customers who would like to make a donation to the Share Program can do so on the paper order card. Each donation of $5.00 will purchase one can of Honey Roasted Peanuts to be donated to the American Red Cross, Connecticut Chapter.

Online: Girls can email customers, and they can purchase nut and candy products online. There's an expanded selection of items online including new items Honey Mustard Trail Mix and Macadamia Nuts. Customers will pay for their products and shipping using a credit or debit card, and should expect to receive their nuts/candy in 5-7 days.

Magazine Orders
 Catalog: For customers who prefer to peruse a catalog, family and friends can browse the paper catalog and order magazines using the hard copy order forms. Girls collect the completed forms and payment at the time the order is placed, and customers should expect to receive the first issue in 12-16 weeks.

Online: Girls can continue to offer customers an opportunity to purchase magazines online. Both paper and digital subscriptions for a wide variety interests are available. Customers will pay for their subscriptions with a credit or debit card and should expect to receive their first issue in 6-10 weeks.

New Options for Magazine Orders!
If customers are not interested in purchasing a magazine for themselves, the QSP Program offers three options for them to purchase magazines to give as gifts, or donate to others! See the magazine catalog for complete details.
Girls Helping Girls
Customers can give a gift to a girl and her family by purchasing a pre-paid certificate that can be redeemed for a magazine subscription. The $20 purchase supports the girl and her troop, the council, and provides reading material to a girl in need.
Charitable Donation
Customers can choose to purchase a magazine(four titles to choose from) to support a select charity. The $25 purchase price includes a $5 donation to the charity and a $20 giftsubscription that will be distributed by the charity to those in need.
Magazine Gift Cards
Customers can purchase Magazine Gift Cards to give as gifts or to give the gift of reading to others. $20, $25, and $50 denominations are available. Gift cards can be shipped to the customer or directly to the recipient.

To Remember This!To Remember This! Photo Keepsakes
Girls may offer digital and photo keepsakes to customers through a the partnership between QSP and To Remember This! Customers may purchase prepaid certificates to create books, cards, posters, and calendars with their own digital photos. To Remember This! items will be available online via a link in the email girls send to customers AND in a catalog girls will receive in their QSP packet.

Online tools for Volunteers

Nut- E 2.0 is the web based QSP Program management system Girl Scouts of Connecticut uses to record and track information from the QSP Program. Every troop/group uses nut-E 2.0 to enter their contact information, enter the girls’ orders, track and select recognitions, review the QSP bill, and record their payment to the council. For instructions on how to use nut-E 2.0, click here.

 Training Videos

Check out these videos on our YouTube Channel!


Online Banking

Troop QSP Managers/Leaders can use the Webster online banking option to pay for the troop's QSP sales. You do not need to be a Webster customer to use this option.

Girl Scouts of Connecticut's Webster online payment system for Product Sales has gotten an upgrade!
The new system is easier to use and you will no longer need a username and password. All you need to do is write in your troop number, then input your payment info, and you're all set! Here are the step-by-step instructions.

For more information about the QSP Program or online banking, please contact us at or (800) 922-2770 ext. 3333.

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