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2011 World Thinking Day Patch

Girls and women of all ages in many countries do not have the same opportunities as men. They do not have the same access to education as boys and men. Women are underrepresented in the world’s governments and in the workforce, and earn far less than men.

The World Thinking Day theme for 2011 is girls worldwide say “empowering girls will change our world.” Raising awareness about this goal will help empower girls and young women to take a stand against inequality.

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For Daisies

To earn the thinking day patch, girls can do one or more of the activities below:
  • Try being considerate and caring like Zinni in the Between Earth and Sky  journey. Think about how saying something nice can make someone feel good. Think about people you know and give each of them a compliment.  How did that make you feel?
  • 52 million girls around the world (equal to almost twice the number of girls and boys in the U.S.) are unable to go to school. Imagine how your life would be different if you couldn’t go to school. Take photos or draw a picture of your school and the places you like best: your classroom, the cafeteria, the playground, etc. Share these with your group.
  • What do you want to do when you grow up? In some places, women do not get to choose what kind of work they do. Talk to your mom, grandmother, neighbor or a friend. Did they get to choose what work they do? Share what you learned with your group. Check out our Talent Bank if you want to find our more about someone with a special career who can come talk to your troop or group.

For Brownies

To earn the thinking day patch, girls can do one or more of the activities below:
  • Make up a story about girls who achieve a goal. What kind of goal is it? Why do they want to achieve it? How do they overcome challenges like Campbell, Jamila, and Alejandra did in the Brownie Quest journey when they had to stop a local store from invading a tree’s home? Share your story with other girls.
  • Who is Juliette Gordon Low and why is she an example of a powerful woman? What difference has she made for girls today? Has anyone ever told you that you can’t do something because you’re a girl? Share how that made you feel with your group.
  • As a group, discuss your individual strengths and skills. Can you read, sing, dance, do math sums in your head, write poetry, or play a sport? Come up with a three-minute presentation that shows everyone’s special skills. Be creative!

For Juniors

To earn the thinking day patch, girls can do one or more of the activities below:
  • Check out the Get Moving  journey for examples of female role models. Pick two female role models—a public figure you respect and someone you know. Find out their life story and five things from their life you could learn from. Share the stories and your ideas with others.
  • Write two different careers on pieces of paper. Split into two teams. Two members of each team take turns to act out the job while the rest of the team guesses the job. Need ideas? Check out the Get Moving journey. Discuss which jobs you are interested in and why.
  • Invite a returned Peace Corps Volunteer to speak about her or his experiences living in a developing country. Find out how the lives of girls and women in your community compare with what the Peace Corps volunteer experienced abroad. As a group, discuss ways that girls are treated differently compared to boys and why you think that happens. You can also look in our Talent Bank to find someone who can come talk to you about their experiences with different cultures around the world.

For Cadettes

To earn the thinking day patch, girls can do one or more of the activities below:
  • Watch a favorite movie with friends. Discuss the male and female characters. How can characters in movies and television influence what girls think about themselves? Role play some of the characters to demonstrate what you observed.
  • Who’s your female role model? There are many successful women but they’re not always depicted in the media. Check out the Breathe journey for profiles of female role models. Think of female leaders you admire. With your group, discuss why she’s your role model and which of her qualities you admire.
  • Remember when you were a Brownie and you looked up to older girls? Now it’s your chance to be a role model to Brownies. Help them learn new skills and talk with them about your experiences. You’ll be on your way to earning the Leader In Action badge! 

For Seniors

To earn the thinking day patch, girls can do one or more of the activities below:
  • Ask women you know, such as your mother, grandmother, aunt, or neighbor, about gender discrimination. Think about how things have changed today. What would be the ideal situation? When do you think that can be achieved?
  • What if girls ran the world? What would the world look like? Hold a panel discussion at your school or in your community on the topic. Invite local leaders to attend. Check out the Girltopia journey for public speaking advice (p.95).
  • Take inspiration from Sow What? Solutions Near and Far (pgs. 70-84) about what women have done to increase access to healthy food in their communities. Think of what you can do to help women and girls in your community. Ready, Set, Take Action!

For Ambassadors

To earn the thinking day patch, girls can do one or more of the activities below:
  • Women still earn 77 cents to every dollar a man makes. How might this affect your future career plans? Look into the earnings gap between men and women, especially in the career you are interested in. What factors might cause men to earn more than women? Share your findings.
  • Read page 85 of the Justice journey on how environmental degradation more severely affects women. Investigate some other ways in which women are adversely affected by environmental changes and what can be done to help. Share what you learn. 
  • Host a movie screening with other girls by finding one or two movies that depict girls or women as strong leaders. Have a discussion afterwards about the girls or women’s roles. For example, check out A Powerful Noise. Invite people from your school or community to join you as a way to honor International Women’s Day, March 8th.

For more activities and information, go to the GSUSA Thinking Day website.

To buy the patch from our shop, click here.

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