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Troop/Group Committees

You’ll want to involve other adults in the troop—there’s no need to go it alone or depend on too few adults! Many hands make light work, and the role is more fun when it’s shared. If you have trouble finding reliable, quality volunteers to assist, talk to your volunteer support team for advice and support. Feel free to use the sample welcome letter and friends/family checklist in the Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Leadership Journeys to assist you in expanding your troop’s adult network.

A troop committee may be made up of general members or may include specific positions, such as

  • Troop Cookie Manager: A volunteer who would manage all aspects of Girl Scout Cookie activities.
  • Troop QSP Manager: A volunteer who would manage all aspects of Girl Scout QSP activities.
  • Troop Registrar: The volunteer who handles the membership registration for the troop.
  • Transportation Coordinator: The volunteer you’d look to whenever you need to transport girls for any reason; this person would have volunteers available to drive and chaperone.
  • Record Keeper: A treasurer/secretary rolled into one person—someone to keep track of the money and keep the books.
  • Troop First Aider: The volunteer(s) that holds current certification in First Aid and CPR/AED and that accompanies the troop on activities when a certified First Aider is required.
  • Troop Outdoor Trained Volunteer: This person takes all initial and on-going training that will allow girls to  venture out beyond their meeting place and experience activities in the out-of-doors. The outdoor trained volunteer must be present for all field trips that are more than 4 hours in length.

See Volunteer Essentials for more suggestion about Troop Committees.

Troop/Group Committee Training Requirements

Troop/Group Committee adults (position code 03) must be registered Girl Scout members and have successfully completed the Volunteer Application Process and background screening.

Course Who Must Take Course How Course is Taken
Girl Scouting 101(GS101)

Overview of the Girl Scout organization, the National Program Portfolio, and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE).

Course Length: 45 min.
For every volunteer prior to starting any volunteer position.
  • Online
  • Self-paced; approx. 45 min.
  • GSUSA hosted
Position Specific Training

Prerequisites: GS101

Provides tools specific to the position.

Course Length: 3 hours
Troop/Group adults(to include but not limited to):
  • Troop/Group QSP Manager
  • Troop/Group Cookie Manager
  • Troop/Group Outdoor trained person
  • Troop/Group First Aider
  • Classroom setting
  • Provided statewide


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