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Quick Guide to Forms
Girl Scouts of Connecticut has a variety of forms and resources needed to deliver the Girl Scout Program. The most commonly used forms and resources are listed below. These forms can also be found in the Resource and Form Library
Application Process
Forms required to become a volunteer with Girl Scouts of Connecticut:
•    Volunteer Application Form (Online)
•    Volunteer Reference Form (Writable) (Online)
•    Volunteer Agreement (Writable)
•    Background Search Policies and Authorization and Consent Form

 Forms needed to register as members of Girl Scouting:
•    2014-2015 Girl Membership Form (Writable)
•    2015-2016 Girl Membership Form (Writable )
•    2014-2015 Adult Membership Form (Writable)
•    2015-2016 Adult Membership Form (Writable)
2014-2015 Membership Registration Summary (Writable)
•    2015-2016 Membership Registration Summary (Writable)
•    2015-16 Council Service Fee Scholarship Aid Voucher
For information on how to register girls or adults please contact your Membership and Marketing Manager.

Forms required for adults:
•    Adult Health History Card
•    Adult Training Registration (Writable)
•    Adult Recognitions Handbook
•    Training Request Form (Writable)
•    Troop/Group Driver Annual Form (Writable)(if applicable)
•    Adult Learning Progression Chart – Outdoor Volunteer
•    Adult Learning Progression Chart – Troop/Group Volunteer

Forms required to have on-hand for all girls:
•    Annual Consent Form (Writable)
•    Girl Health History Form (Writable)
•    Girl Health Record (Writable) (For trips of three or more nights)
•    Over-the-Counter Medication – Parent/Guardian Authorization Form (Writable) (if applicable)
•    Membership Registration Form (current year)
(Writable) (Spanish)
Annual Pick-up Authorization Form (Writable)

General Forms

Forms for Troop/Group management:
•    Site Reservation Application For GSOFCT Users (Writable)
•    Sensitive Issues Troop/Group Program Request Form (Writable)
•    Sensitive Issues Parent/Guardian Permission Form (Writable)
•    Troop/Group Disbanding Form (Writable)
•    Council Shop Order Form
•    Troop/Group Event Registration Form (Writable)
•    Meeting Place Safety Guidelines for Troop/Group Leaders
•    Private Residence Annual Authorization Form (Writable) (if applicable)

•    First Aid/CPR certifications accepted by GSUSA


In addition to appropriate girl/adult ratios, the following permission and health forms are required for any trip/outing:
•    Troop/Group Trip Guidelines
•    Troop/Group Trip Application (Writable)
•    Troop/Group Event Roster (Writable)
Annual Consent Form (Writable)
•    Parent/Guardian Trip/Event Permission Form (Writable)
•    Parade/Float and Hayride Request Form (if applicable) (Writable)
•    Girl Health History Form (Writable)
•    Girl Health Record (Writable) (For trips of three or more nights)

•    Adult Health History Card
The following forms are also required:
•    Crisis Card (Español)
•    Accident/Injury Report Form (Writable)
•    Incident Report Form (Writable)
•    Mutual of Omaha Claim Form (Español)

GSOFCT Sponsored

•    Individual Girl Event Registration Form (Writable)
•    Family Group Event Registration Form (Writable)
•    Girl Health History (writable)
•    Girl Health Record (writable) (For trips of three or more nights)
•    Adult Health History Cards


Forms for money management:
•    Financial Assistance Request for Girls (Writable
Financial Assistance Request for Adults (Writable) 
•    Money Earning Activity-Troop/Group/Service Unit Application & Guidelines
•    Money Earning Activity - Troop/Group/Service Unit Evaluation Report Form
•    Monetary Gift Acceptance Form (Writable )
•    Gift-in-Kind Acceptance Form (Writable)
•    Troop/Group Year-End Financial Report (Writable)
•    Annual Service Unit Financial Report

Para formularios en Español, haga clic aquí y haga clic "Español"
Forms/information to ensure website safety:
•    Media Release Form
•    Media Release Form – Adult Only
•    Internet Safety Pledge (Writable)
•    Social Media Guidelines
•    Website Guidelines for Leaders
•    Website Guidelines for Service Unit Managers
•    Blue Book of Basic Documents
•    GSOFCT Annual Report
•    GSOFCT Fact Sheet (Español)
•    Program Resource Guide
•    Short & Snappies (Click the category "Short and Snappy")
•    Volunteer Essentials
•    Transforming Leadership and Transforming Leadership Continued

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