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The 2008 Girl Scouts of Connecticut Gold Award

The Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouting. An award with national standards, it acknowledges an individual' accomplishments, leadership, creativity, and personal effort in trying to make the world a better place.  Each Gold Award project solves community issues and improves lives while the Gold Award process builds a girl's personal leadership skills and inspires others to community action.

A Gold Award recipient's accomplishments reflect leadership and citizenship skills that set her apart as a community leader.  The award is a major accomplishment in a girl's life and an extension and compilation of all that she has learned through her Girl Scout experience.

The Girl Scout Gold Award recognizes that for girls to become leaders they need to become knowledgeable, involved, and proactive.  They need to lead the way.

Discover - Girls understand themselves and their values and use their                           knowledge and skills to explore the world;

Connect - Girls care about, inspire, and team with others locally and                             globally;

Take Action - Girls act to make the world a better place. 

Above all else, the achievement of the Gold Award makes a girl understand what a difference one person can make, what one girl in a leadership role can do, and how one person's vision can inspire positive change.


The 2008 Gold Award Recipients:

Stefanie Baril
Sara Brunsden
Kathleen Campbell
Lauren Charamut
Christina Cormier
Brittany Deane
Melanie Dexter
Amanda DiMarzio
Brittany Dunderdale
Lauren Evans
Jessica Gallo
Sandra Garrett
Romana Haider
Elizabeth Harding
Kathleen Henley
Erica Heron
Samantha Higley
Jessica Hoover
Jessica Ireland
Nicole Marien
Marguerite Miceli
Amanda Mitchell
Samantha Morrill
Brittany O'Brien
Shana O'Rourke
Rochelle Picard
Kristen Piel
Emily Proctor
Olivia Puckett
Katherine Raunig
Kara Rauscher
Sarah Sieminski
Joan Stupik
Margaret Sullivan
Rachel Tarini
Patricia Turmenne
Lacey Wildman
Jennifer Williams

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