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honoring veterans

Posted by:   Anna on Sep 30, 2012
Town:         Fairfield
Troop:        32074

What issue did your Take Action project address?
My project helped spread awareness of what soldiers do for our country. We wanted to share with friends, family and even people we don't know how much soldiers should be appreciated. They protect our country and ask for nothing in return.

What was your Take Action Project? Who did you involve in your project?
For my friends Sophia and Isabella and I, our project involved writing letters with my troop and a younger troop to an organization called "American warrior". This organization sends veterans to Washington DC for a day to be honored. We wrote letters to them saying how much we appreciated what they did and how heroic they are. We also made and sold necklaces and candy cane ring pops at a community Christmas celebration in town. This raised awareness about the cause and also raised money to send the veterans to DC. It costs about $200 to send one veteran to DC. We raked two veterans yards, Mr. Cornell and Mr. Syrup. We also helped gather items at our school to give to soldiers who are serving in the war now.

What were the results? How did it affect the community?
A result of what we did has made people think more about honoring veterans and their love for our country. I think it made veterans feel proud of what they did and happy to know that younger generations feel as patriotic as they did when they were fighting for our country. When we raked yards for the veterans it made me so happy to see that the little things we do can put a big smile on someone else's face and make a difference for a veteran. I think this affected the community because now every year I want to get more and more people involved with the "American Warrior" organization so we can send more soldiers to DC and have them receive letters.

What did you learn from the experience?
I learned that little things can make a big difference. Just by doing little things for other people like raking their yard or writing them a letters it could put a big smile on their face. I think that it is important to take time to honor and think about those who have served our country. We would not be as great a country if they had not fought for the freedoms we take for granted.

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