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Amazing ABC Activity Book

Posted by:   Sophie W on Oct 1, 2013
Town:         Old Lyme
Troop:        63204

What issue did your Take Action project address?
Troop 63204 started working on the Silver Award in 2011 when we started the Amazing Journey. Our troop decided to work together on a Silver Award project based on that Amazing Journey. Troop members Anna M., Caleigh O., Sara U. and Sophie W. created The Amazing ABC Activity Book, a 26 page book of puzzles, games, mazes and word searches to raise awareness of cyber safety and the importance of building good friendships.
Kids are using electronics and technology earlier than ever before. It isn't uncommon to see a first grader with an iPad or a cell phone. Often they plan online games with "friends." Because of this, we wanted to create this book to educate younger kids to be safer on the internet and in the real world using fun activities. Along with online safety, the activities also focus on good friendships.

What was your Take Action Project? Who did you involve in your project?
Our project was to make an ABC activity booklet that used puzzles, coloring, word searches and games to show how to be a good friend, be safe online, and build friendships. The last page asks the children to sign a safety pledge. We created and distributed our activity book to K-3 students at local schools and Lymes Youth Service Bureau. Our troop will be presenting our book to younger Brownie troops as well. We involved others to help us create this booklet. Region 18 Superintendent Ian Nevaiser, our troop leaders, former troop members and the Town of Old Lyme helped us to complete this book. We worked as a team and cooperated with each other to finish our project.

What were the results? How did it affect the community?
We hope the result of our Amazing ABC Activity Book makes younger kids think and act safely while on the internet, Xbox, Kindle, ipad or any media device. We hope to reinforce the importance of developing healthy friendships throughout their lifetime. We hope to raise community awareness by having parents monitor their children's activity on electronics and talk to them. The Amazing ABC Activity Book is just one more fun way to reach kids in a world that is changing faster than ever.

What did you learn from the experience?
Our troop learned many things from this project such as setting goals and achieving them, teamwork, and staying focused until accomplished. We set goals for every part of this project. We learned teamwork by working together with splitting the letters and giving each other ideas for each page. We learned how to refocus by looking back at our goals and setting dates by which we should be done each part. We learned that each of us has strengths - one is best at design, one is best at art, one in technology. Together, we are a true team.

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