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Audrey's Furry Friends

Posted by:   Audrey on Apr 5, 2014
Town:         Newtown
Troop:        50055

What issue did your Take Action project address?
Last year, after the huge F5 tornado hit Oklahoma, I got upset. I saw on my mom's Facebook page friends who lived there with posts looking for lost pets, or videos of people who lost everything but were so happy to find their pet. I wondered how they would feed them and take care of them, so I created a drive in Newtown to collect donations and pet supplies for people who found their pets but had nothing to take care of them with. Pets are like family.

What was your Take Action Project? Who did you involve in your project?
I created a drive, Audrey's Furry Friends, for pet supplies for people who found their pets in Oklahoma, but had nothing to take care of them with. I emailed everyone I knew. I made a flyer. I made phone calls to see if I could put donation boxes in public places. I went to school, and brought a box for donations. I also set up a collection box at the Parks and Recreation office and a local pet store. I created a special email address and called my local paper, The Newtown Bee. They did a story on my drive, and helped get the word out. My family also offered to pick up any donations, so for two weeks after school, I drove with my mom to pick up donations. We found a box truck in upstate Connecticut that was going to drive donations to Oklahoma. On Father's Day, we loaded up all the donations and drove for several hours to drop them off.

What were the results? How did it affect the community?
When the drive was done, we almost couldn't fit all of our donations in our SUV. We got dog food, cat food, toys, treats, leashes, collars, and cat litter. We talked to a shelter volunteer in Oklahoma who said our drive helped many families keep their pets in Oklahoma.

What did you learn from the experience?
I wanted to give back because so many people helped us here in Sandy Hook, so I wanted to return some kindness. I also love animals and want to be a vet someday. I also learned how one idea can blossom into something big.

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