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About Cookies for Heroes

 Welcome to the Cookie Connection! The countless exciting possibilities of tomorrow — from new business opportunities, to a healthier planet, to a more beautiful world — begin with the skills girls learn and the actions they take today. During cookie season, tens of thousands of girls in Connecticut will be learning firsthand the ins and outs of running their own cookie businesses. To find out about the essential skills girls learn through the cookie program, click here. To see the 8 delicious flavors girls offered this year, click here.


Cookie order taking began January 4! Cookies will arrive and booth sales will begin in early March. For more important cookie dates, click here.

Send us your StoriesSend us your stories!
Tell us what you're doing with cookie proceeds. Share your success stories. Send us pictures of your cookie booth! Email and you might be featured in one of our newsletters, on social media, or on future cookie program materials!

Locate Cookie Booth sales near you using the Little Brownie Baker Cookie Locator! Just type in your zip code. Booth sales start March 1. Don't see your booth? Contact us at or (800) 922-2770 ext. 3333.


Online Marketing for Girls!

Girls can boost sales and reach their goals when they use Cookie Club to ask for cookie "promises" online. Cookie Club is a password protected site where girls of all ages learn about goals and send eCards to family and friends. Customers fill out an electronic order form and return cookie "promises" which appear automatically on the girl's Cookie Club account page.

LEADERS AND TROOP COOKIE MANAGERS: Cookie Club is now open for setup. The Troop Cookie Manager must set the troop up on Cookie Club and provide each girl with her username and password. See this guide for instructions. Start today


Online Tools for Volunteers


 Enhance your understanding of the Cookie Program. Go to the cookie VIP eTraining site and learn all about the Cookie Program with specific information about our Council's process.


 Girl Scouts of Connecticut continues to use eBudde to manage the Cookie Program. The instructions for using eBudde can be found here or in the Troop Instructions which were provided by your Service Unit Cookie Manager.

 Download the free Cookie Locator app from Little Brownie Bakers to find cookies near you. You can also discover your cookie personality. Visit the Little Brownie app site for more information.

Online Banking


Troop Cookie Managers/Leaders can use the Webster online banking option to pay for Troop's cookies.You do not need to be a Webster customer to use this option. 

For instructions on how to make a payment, click here.

For more information about the Cookie Program or online banking, please contact us at or (800) 922-2770 ext. 3333.


Forms & Links
for Girls & Families

Cookie Program Guide
for Parents
Family Newsletter
Cookie Recognitions
Internet Safety Pledge
Cookie Club
Gift of Caring Flyer
Gift of Caring
reminder card
Cookie Flavors Flyer
Cookie Allergen Chart
Cookie Information Chart
Cookie Activity Pin
Goal Getter Card

Forms & Links
for Volunteers

Cookie Program Guide
Troop Cookie Manager Training PowerPoint
How to make an online payment
VIP eTraining
TOP Troop Recognition Form
eBudde Troop Initial Order Instructions
eBudde Troop Goal Getter, Booth Sale, and Cookie Program Wrap Up Instructions
Troop Delinquent Cookie Payment Form
Parent/Guardian Delinquent Cookie Payment Form
Council Cookie Cupboards List

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