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Our standards provide clear direction to help you brand materials and/pr develop unique apparel that consistently represent the Girl Scout brand. 

Understanding the correct application and adhering to the rules in these sections is essential to creating visual impact and speaking with a unified voice. 

Working together to apply our identity across Girl Scouts branded materials will ensure that we move forward with a coherent look and feel that makes our brand stand out.

Quick Start Brand Guide

Download our Quick Start Guide! This guide will walk you through all the correct ways to utilize our brand for marketing and communications. 

Designing your own materials? View Approval Process Here

Interested in designing your own custom materials? Read below or Download the Brand Usage Process Here!

- Girl Scout Brand Usage Process -

Girl Scouts of Connecticut (GSOFCT) volunteers may create marketing materials to promote Troop and Service Unit activities. All materials that feature the Girl Scout brand are subject to a review and approval process. Please allow 3-4 business days for Customer Care to process your request. 

In order to streamline the process to complete your project as efficiently as possible, please adhere to the following:

  • Any design that features the Girl Scout brand needs to be reviewed and approved by council. Please email Customer Care at with “Request for Girl Scout Brand Usage” as the email subject line. Girl Scout branding includes:
    • Girl Scout Logo in any form
    • Trefoil
    • The words “Girl Scout” or “Girl Scouts” 
    • The words “Girl Scouts of Connecticut”
    • DO NOT use “Scouts” or “scout” in any form. It must have “Girl” preceding it.
    • The above applies to any hand-drawn pieces (or any similar mediums) submitted by a Girl Scout Member. 
  • GSOFCT’s Marketing and Communications Department will then review and respond via email with approval, changes, and/or next steps. 
  • Once approved, GSOFCT’s Marketing and Communications Department will send the approved design files to GSOFCT’s Retail Operations Department for printing and project completion.  
  • Notes: 
    • Please do not contact any GSUSA vendors on your own. GSOFCT’s Retail Operations Department will act as liaison to process your order. (Councils may also receive pricing discounts.)
    • If you omit any branded items listed above, you may design and work with any vendor of your choice. The use of “Service Unit #,” for example, does not need to go through the approval process.

If you have any questions please contact

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