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COVID-19 Updates

As the Covid-19 guidelines change across Connecticut, Girl Scouts of Connecticut continues to focus on the safety and well-being of our girls, volunteers, and staff.  While local guidelines for mask wearing are now in effect, Girl Scouts continues to support any member who chooses to wear a mask while participating in activities, events, and meetings. We appreciate your commitment to Girl Scouts as we remain committed to you!

General Safety Guidelines for All Girl Scouts

In order to keep our girls and Connecticut families healthy, we ask everyone to:

  • Maintain 6-feet social distance among all participants (girls and volunteers) when possible.
  • Wash hands regularly and wipe down high-touch areas before and after use.
  • Never attend an in-person Girl Scout meeting, event, or other activity when exhibiting a fever or other indications of illness, while waiting for COVID test results, or if under quarantine.
  • Limit shared items that are touched by participants, including food, to greatest extent possible.
  • Discuss these requirements and troop plans with parents and caregivers to get their support or to allow them to make other choices for their girl.


GSOFCT Offices & Shops

Our GSOFCT offices are open!  In compliance with Governor Lamont's recommendations for nonessential businesses and nonprofits, GSOFCT staff will continue to operate with the flexibility to work remotely. Wearing masks while indoors on GSOFCT properties will be optional for vaccinated individuals.  Visitors who are unvaccinated are required to wear a mask while indoors visiting.  We support those who wish to or need to continue to wear masks.

Customer Care

We are answering your calls and emails Monday - Thursday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. |  (800) 922 - 2770 or email us at

GSOFCT Retail Shops Page

For shop hours and our latest promotions, visit our Shop Page Here.

Meeting & Event Locations

Troop Meetings in Public Facilities

Troop co-leaders need to be aware of cleaning practices to keep all high touch surfaces as sanitized as possible (i.e., tabletops, light switches, chairs, etc).  For example, if the troop arrives after another user, troop volunteers should plan to bring sanitizing wipes to get the space ready for their troop. Another example: if faucets are manual, troop volunteers must take some time to show girls how to shut them off with a paper towel and to use paper towels for doorknobs whenever possible.

Troop Meetings in the Home

Any meeting that is to be held on private property must also complete a Private Residence Authorization Form.  This form alerts the homeowner that their personal homeowner’s insurance is responsible for any accident/incident occurring during an event on their property.

Troop meetings in the backyard of a member home may be allowed if the space is appropriate and the homeowner is aware that their insurance will be covering the gathering. Private pool use is allowed at this time, even in a member’s private pool with a lifeguard on duty. A troop trip application must be completed at least 3 weeks prior to the event for approval. See above documentation requirements for meeting on private home property.

Insurance Information

What liability do I have as a homeowner/renter when a Girl Scouts activity/event/meeting happens on my personal property?

Homeowners or renters must have adequate insurance on the property and accept the potential liability of having Girl Scout activities at their residences. Personal property damage or loss due to Girl Scout activities is the responsibility of the homeowner/renter and not of Girl Scouts of Connecticut. Furthermore, the homeowner/renter may be liable for accidents or injuries that occur in the home.

Can I purchase additional Plan 2 insurance to cover non registered members participating in Girl Scout activities/events/meetings on my personal property?

Yes, Plan 2 insurance can be purchased to cover those participants that are not registered.  Coverage may not be purchased for individuals not participating in the Girl Scout activities, i.e., younger siblings, friends, other adults present in the home etc. The plan covers all participants of a chartered Girl Scout Council activity for whom an Enrollment Form has been submitted and premium paid. Coverage is provided while: (a) attending or participating in any approved and supervised Girl Scout activity; or (b) traveling directly to and from any approved and supervised Girl Scout activity.

What should I do if there is an accident on my personal property during a Girl Scout activity?          

Please complete the Accident/Incident/Injury Form as completely as possible and return within 24 hours to  

Face Masks

For more information on face masks during Girl Scout events, activities, or meetings, please refer to the local guidelines based on the location. The most current guidelines from the State of Connecticut can be found here:

Visiting GSOFCT service centers or shops requires non vaccinated individuals to wear a mask which is optional for vaccinated visitors and staff. As Girl Scouts, we continue to support those who wish to or need to continue to wear a mask.  

GSOFCT Camp Properties
  1. Masks must be worn inside for unvaccinated visitors but are optional for vaccinated visitors
  2. Sleeping in a tent or indoors requires that you are 6 feet away social distant (Face to Face)

For everyone's health, please maintain social distancing when possible. When it's not possible to social distance from others, wear a mask. Some people will choose to continue to wear a mask and that's okay! 

All Beds/Mats/Sleeping bags must be 6 feet apart at all times. All indoor sleeping must use cross ventilation including opening of all windows and doors if possible. Cabins or A Frames should have window and screen doors opened. Platform Tents should keep sides rolled up to offer a cross breeze. Same households can sleep in one unit with the usual capacity limitations. Masks can be removed when sleeping but must be worn when moving about buildings, tents, cabins & A frames.

Sleeping spaces – Sleeping outside of the platform tent!

Consider using this opportunity to think of additional overnight sleeping options. For many Girl Scouts this is an exciting opportunity.

Porches- as long as you aren’t blocking exits, stairs, or ramp, use the covered porches as sleeping areas.

Tents – Put small tents in and among the established platform tents/cabins or create a field unit on a flag or play field (be sure to pick up all your stakes). Keep in mind that you’ll want to be near a porto or sharable bathroom. 

Ask families in your Service unit or troop if they have a tent to be borrowed. Even if it is an older tent, a tarp can be placed over it, to make it rain-ready.

Places like REI rent camping equipment, including tents.

Tarps – Run a line between trees and place a tarp over it. Stake out the tarp to secure your sides, creating a “tarp tent”

Screen house or shade tent with sides – place an old tent underneath or set up your sleeping area underneath the pop-up. Remember to stake out your shelter.

Hammocks – be sure to be kind to the trees as you securely attach your hammock.  Create a sleeping space that is cozy and off the ground. In our camping units, there are usually trees on the edge that will accommodate this.

Empty Tent Platforms – Use this flat space to put up a few one or two-person tents. In case of wind, be sure to weight your tent down with gear or lash it down.

Sleep under the Stars – Head for the field with a sleeping pad or yoga mat and sleeping bag.