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Girl Scout Cookie Season Kicks Off in Connecticut on January 5!

Girl Scout Cookie Season Kicks Off in Connecticut, Celebrating the Country’s Largest Financial Investment in Girls Annually

The iconic girl-led entrepreneurship program develops the next generation of female business leaders

On January 5, Girl Scouts of Connecticut will launch the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie season, celebrating the largest annual financial investment in girls in the U.S. Throughout the month of January, Girl Scouts will be approaching past and potential customers throughout their community and ask them to buy a box (or more!) of Girl Scout Cookies.

Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program®, girls not only discover their inner leadership potential but also use their earnings to power amazing experiences for themselves and their troop, including travel, outdoor adventure, and STEM programming. Last year, Girl Scouts in Connecticut earned more than $1.9 million in cookie proceeds. Many girls put the money toward impactful community projects right in their own backyards, from supporting animal shelters and food banks to working with local and state legislators to change laws.

And the cookie program’s benefits are many; a recent Girl Scout Research Institute study found that two out of three girls who participate in the program learn five crucial skills—goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics—while doing incredible things for themselves and their communities. The proceeds stay local, meaning that when consumers purchase the delicious cookies from a Girl Scout, they’re giving back to their wider community.

“At a time when girls’ needs and issues are a larger topic in society, each and every Girl Scout Cookie purchase is vital when it comes to supporting the change-makers of today and tomorrow,” said Mary Barneby, CEO, Girl Scouts of Connecticut. “Girl Scouts use their earnings to power amazing experiences for themselves, their troop, and the community at large—make sure when you purchase cookies, you also ask Girl Scouts what they plan to do with their proceeds. You’ll be amazed.”

This year’s Girl Scout flavors include Thin Mints®, Samoas®, Tagalongs®, Do-si-dos®, Trefoils®, Savannah Smiles®, Toffee-tastic®, and Girl Scout S’mores®. Cookies are $5 a box; specialty cookies, Toffee-tastic® and Girl Scout S’mores® are $6 a box.