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1-3-6-1 Positive Relationships

Positive Relationships

Girlz R.U.L.E.® (Respect, Understand, Lead, Empower) helps girls in grades three through eight learn the positive and negative power of their words and how to show and share respect for each other. When used as a series, this interactive positive relationship initiative is delivered over an eight-week period. It can also be integrated into regular troop meetings to help foster healthy relationships among troop members.

Girlz R.U.L.E.® is a “challenge initiative” program which gives directions to a group requiring all participants to work together to solve the given task. The exercises include physical problem solving activities that can be used as metaphors for situations girls frequently encounter. They serve to improve communication skills, while creating an atmosphere of cooperation and common purpose through brainstorming.

Groups of 12 or more Seniors, Ambassadors or Adults may request a Girlz R.U.L.E.® facilitator training by contacting Nancy Bajek in the Program Department at ext. 3369 or emailing . Once trained, facilitators are able to borrow the props used for many of the activities. This workshop is also helpful to those wishing to become a specialized adventure facilitator.

Each session is three parts:

  • Warm Up - This is a chance for girls to get ready for the challenges. It is opportunity for the girls to meet new girls and get comfortable with the facilitators. This can also be known as an ice-breaker.
  • Challenge - The challenge activities are designed for the girls to develop effective communication and work on problem solving. Each challenge has time built in to it for the girls to plan, understand the plan, and then try the plan. They also have the chance to fine tune their plan and try again. Girls learn early on that it is key for them to agree upon the plan for each challenge.
  • Reflection - This is the closing of each Girlz R.U.L.E.® session. Girls choose up to three feelings/Chi Chi Cards and are asked to share how they think they worked as a team today. This is a time for quiet, and no one may comment on another girls card, just the facilitator.

These are some of the connections between Girlz R.U.L.E.® and National Girl Scouts Program

The Girlz R.U.L.E.® program compliments the Cadette aMaze Journey well.

Any group teaming up for a Take Action Project would benefit for Girlz R.U.L.E.® Activities.

The following are some of the badges that can be supported by Girlz R.U.L.E.® activities.

  • Brownie: Making Friends, Making Games,
  • Junior: Social Butterfly, Finding Common Ground, Science of Happiness

Bullying and Cyberbullying
Girls, parents, and teachers can also visit for more information to learn more about bullying prevention, how to deal with bullies, and the look up laws and regulations by state.