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1-3-6-3 STEM


Girl Scouts introduces girls of every age to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) experiences relevant to everyday life. Whether they're discovering how a car's engine runs, how to manage finances, or exploring careers in STEM fields, girls are fast-forwarding into the future!

Many of the badges and Journey activities are STEM focused. Check out the Program Resource Guide for more GSOFCT programs. Visit the GSUSA STEM Program page to learn more.

For more information or to get involved with our STEM programs, contact Customer Care.


Goldiblox Kits
Looking to complete the Daisy and Brownie Design Challenge badges? We can help! The Daisy ‘Making Things Move’ kit and Brownie ‘Making Things Zoom’ kit are available for up to six weeks and can accommodate up to 60 girls at a time. Volunteers can reserve these activity kits by filling out the reservation form. Through the use of these kits, girls will be able to complete all requirements for all of the Design Challenge badges, in addition to receiving certificates of completion. For more info, please contact Customer Care.

Techbridge STEM Kits
Girl Scout Councils and Techbridge have joined together to offer five fun, hands-on program kits to inspire girls in science and engineering! Volunteers can reserve these activity kits by filling out the reservation form. For more info, contact Customer Care.

Make it Green

Girls explore each stage of the green design process from brainstorming an idea, to creating a floor plan, to building with recycled materials as they construct a green studio.

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Design Time

Girls work through the engineering design process and get their creative juices flowing with four playful design scenarios.

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Power it up

Girls learn about electronics and circuitry through a series of hands-on investigations. They explore Snap Circuits, learn about basic electronic components, and build different kinds of circuits.

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Welcome to a crazy carnival of your own creation. Explore simple machines as you build a merry-go-round, a bean-bag toss, and a race car.

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Engineers to the Rescue

Survival skills meet science as you design water filters, wind-powered cranks, a message-carrying car, and safe shelter for your troop’s imaginary camping trip in Yellowstone National Park

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We are proud to continue our successful robotics and pre-robotics programs in collaboration with FIRST Robotics. Junior FIRST LEGO League serves girls ages 6-9. Teams of six girls research a topic, build a model based on their research, and present their work at an Expo. FIRST LEGO League, for teams of six to ten girls ages 9-14, is a robotics program in which teams research a topic, then build and program a robot to perform tasks related to that topic. The season runs from Sept 1 through mid-December, and culminates in tournaments across the state in which teams present their research to reviewers and compete for points on the robotics playing field. Girl Scouts of CT has limited grant funding to support teams by providing all the necessary equipment and registration fees.

For more information contact Customer Care.