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1-3-2-5 Juliette

What is a Juliette?
Juliettes are individually registered Girl Scouts, not in a troop, who work closely with a parent or local advisor. Juliettes are not a separate program level but are girls working independently on any Girl Scout program level, typically best suited for older Girl Scouts such as Junior (4th and 5th grade), Cadette (6th to 8th grade), Senior (9th and 10th grade), and Ambassador (11th and 12th grade) Girl Scouts.

Why would a girl want to be a Juliette?

  • Girls that may have been a Girl Scout as a younger girl and are looking for new ways to stay connected or are interested in renewing their membership may become Juliettes.
  • A girl that is looking to mix and match ways of participation- weekend workshops, school vacation retreats, special events, short-term groups - may become Juliettes.
  • Girls that want a more flexible approach to the Girl Scout experience- they would like to pick and choose the ways to belong based on interests and available time.
  • Girls who are interested in using the Girl Scout Cookie Program [link to 3.1 About Girl Scout Cookies] to help support their Summer Camp experience. - Girls ages 12 and older who would like to travel through the Girl Scout destinations program.
  • Girls who would like to earn the highest awards - Bronze, Silver, and Gold [link to 1.3.5 Highest Awards] - to help build strong, marketable life skills while helping their community.

Who advises the girl?
The parent/guardian or volunteer designated by the local volunteer team (Service Unit Team) can advise a Juliette. All adult advisors that plan to work on the Girl Scout program with the girl, must be registered adult members of the Girl Scouts.

What does the advisor do?
Each advisor/parent not only provides guidance for most of the girl’s Girl Scout experience, she communicates information from both Girl Scouts of Connecticut and local Girl Scouts regarding program, training, and recognition opportunities. A Juliette advisor/parent is the link between Girl Scouting and the individual girl member.

Does an advisor need Volunteer Application and references? Training?
If the unrelated advisor has direct contact with the girl and is working on Girl Scout Program then she/he must be registered, complete a volunteer application packet, and complete appropriate training.

How will Service Units know they have Juliettes?
The local volunteer registrar (Service Unit Registrar) notifies local volunteer area manager (Service Unit Manager) or her/his designee upon receipt of a Juliette registration. All Juliette’s must register through their local Service Unit Registrar.

Can a Juliette go on trips? Is she covered under insurance? Does a permission slip need to be filled out and submitted to the local Service Unit?
A Juliette can go on trips or participate in Girl Scout activities sponsored by troops, Service Units, and Council. As a registered Girl Scout, she is covered under Girl Scout Insurance. A Juliette must complete an Individual Girl Event Registration Form prior to attending any council-sponsored trip/activities.

Check out our Program Resource Guide to find council-sponsored events to attend.

Can Juliettes occasionally get together to go camping, horseback riding etc. along with their advisors?
Yes, a Juliette can participate in events with other Juliettes and approved Girl Scout advisors. A troop trip application should be submitted to the local Service Unit Manager. If the girls decide they would like to continue to get together they should form a special interest group.