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Camp Merrie-Wood

Girls will be able to foster their individuality and grow as independent thinkers as they explore the mystery and wonder of the great outdoors. Girls will be mentored as they experience a blend of traditions and modern camping skills with activities such as sports and games, exploring nature, learning to cook on an open fire and hike the trails girls can discover themselves in the great outdoors. No swimming is available at Camp Merrie-Wood. 

All girls are welcome! 

Bus service will not be offered for the summer of 2020.

  • Camp hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
  • Before and after-camp care: Is not available for 2020. 
  • Overnights: There are no overnights for 2020.
  • Drop off and Pick up: We will stager the drop off and pick up times when you at camp. Look for your times in the information we will email you prior to your start date at camp.

Check in: As parents enter the camp parking lot at their assigned time slots, we ask that you remain in your vehicle until a staff member completes a personal health evaluation for each camper. Parents will not be allowed to park and exit the vehicle during drop off or pick up as to maintain social distancing and mitigate exposure. Each camper and staff member will be required to have a health screening (looking for symptoms or exposure) and temperature check by camp staff wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Any camper or staff member with a temperature greater than 100.4 degrees will not be allowed at camp until cleared by a medical professional or a negative test result. We ask that parents stay in their vehicles at drop off and pick up in order to maintain social distancing and mitigate exposure. This will also aid in keeping the line moving as quickly as possible. To avoid delays, there will be staggered drop off and pick up times for each family. Staff will be responsible for checking campers in and out daily rather than parents as in previous years. This will minimize contact with pens and clipboards. Campers would be required to thoroughly disinfect hands prior to meeting up with their fellow campers and frequently throughout the day. Sanitizer, soap, and water will be available around camp




  Grades Fall 2020 Fee July 6 - July 10 July 13 - July 17 July 20 - July 24 July 27 - July 31 August 3 - August 7  
Two Week Camp Grades 1-8 General Program $450.00 One Week Only Two Weeks (July 13-24) Two Weeks (July 13- July 24) Two Weeks (July 27- August 7) Two Weeks (July 27 - August 7)  
One Week Camp Grades 1-8 General Program  $245.00 One Week One Week One Week One Week One Week  
One Week Older Girl Program Grades 9-12 Older Girl Program $245.00 One Week One Week One Week One Week One Week

Week 1: Color Me Crazy
Come help us color our world! We will explore a variety of ways to make art with what you find outside! We will use crazy techniques and wacky colors to bring art to life!  

Week 2: Full STEAM Ahead
Do you know how to make a battery with only dirt? Or how a sun shelter can keep humans and animals safe from the sun? We won’t just be having fun with STEAM ideas we will put your designs to the test! If you THINK it and you CREATE it, we will BUILD it.

Week 3: Camping Warriors
We want to show you how to be the best camping warrior you can be! Learn what it’s really like to go off the grid, plan meals with the environment in mind, prepare a campsite that won’t leave a trace, and explore camping outdoors. 

Week 4: Camp Atlantis
Atlantis was the fabled lost city under the water. We will use our orienteering and navigating skills to find the lost city while getting wet! Bring  clothes you can get wet while we search for treasure while brook stomping. Every day we will explore ways to enjoy water and search for Atlantis.

Week 5: Nature Unleashed
Bees, bats, and birds, oh my! Nature will be under construction as we plan and build habitats for our creatures found in nature. Unleash your inner carpenter, gardener and ecologist while supporting our local wildlife! 

Week 6: Let's Get Cooking!
Camp food is more than bug juice and s’mores. Fried oreos, pasta and meatballs, and foil packets are just some of the amazing things we can cook. Grab your favorite foods and let’s cook them outside!