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Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs at Summer Camp
Upon acceptance into a leadership program, complete the online registration form with appropriate fees. LEADership Development does not require an application. Financial aid is available.

Space is limited for leadership programs.

An application process has been implemented for these programs due to limited space, high demand for our CIT/WIT programs, and our desire to provide the highest quality leadership

experience. Please read the leadership readiness questions on page 18 or below to find out which leadership program is best for you! If your girl participated in a CIT program in 2018 and you are unsure of what to register for, please contact Camping Services.

LEADership Development - Entering Grades 7 and 8 - Two Weeks

Leadership, Education, Adventure, and Development. Develop basic leadership skills. Girls in this program will have an opportunity to plan a camp event and participate in a camp service project. In addition to focusing on teamwork, skill-building, leadership skills, and practicing being role models, the program includes some of our traditional camp activities like boating, archery, crafts, and hiking.

Available at: 

Counselor in Training - Entering Grades 9 and Up - Four Weeks

Start your camp leadership track with this four-week advanced leadership program. CITs will focus on building their skills by working with units and leading programs. Girls have a chance to shine as younger campers look up to them as a role models. In addition to leadership development, girls will enjoy the fun camp has to offer. Girls registered in Counselor in Training will be asked to participate in a pre-training event held in June. Information to follow. All resident campers will go home for a short break every two weeks. A separate additional application and two letters of recommendation required.

Available at:

  • An-Se-Ox 
  • Aspetuck
  • Carlson
  • Katoya
  • Laurel
  • Merrie-Wood
Counselor in Training 2 - Entering Grades 10 and Up - Six Weeks

Successful completion of CIT 1 is recommended. In CIT 2, observe and learn supervision techniques of a variety of camp activities. This program concentrates on leadership training, child development, programming, and being role models. The CIT 2 program includes elements of the traditional camp experience and opportunities to work directly with younger campers. Our CIT 2s grow as they gain confidence and independence. All resident campers will go home for a short break every two weeks. A separate additional application, two letters of recommendation, and an interview with the camp director is required to participate in this program.

Available at:

  • An-Se-Ox 
  • Aspetuck
  • Carlson
  • Katoya
  • Laurel
  • Merrie-Wood
Counselor in Training 3 - Entering Grades 11 and Up - Six Weeks

After successful completion of the CIT 2 program, girls can apply to this six-week advanced leadership program. A separate application and interview are required and acceptance is not guaranteed. Expand your knowledge of child development, program design, and being role models. Teach activities, continue to gain self-confidence, and make new friends. CIT 3s gain hands-on experience shadowing members of camp staff and assisting and living in younger girl units. CIT 3s will also share their knowledge and participate in daily reflections as a whole group. All resident campers will go home for a short break every two weeks.

* CIT 3 is not eligible for Early Bird Discount

Available at:

  • An-Se-Ox 
  • Aspetuck
  • Carlson
  • Katoya
  • Laurel
  • Merrie-Wood
Wrangler in Training -Entering Grades 11 and Up - Six Weeks

WIT is an advanced leadership program concentrating on horse handling skills, barn management, child development, and program design. Continue your development as a role model preparing for the next logical step–being a future camp staff member! Successful completion of CIT 2 is recommended. Some riding experience required, but this program offers limited riding time.All resident campers will go home for a short break every two weeks.

Available at:

  • Laurel Resident



Leadership Program Quiz

Have you attended camp before?
1. Not yet
2. Yes, with a different organization
3. Yes, Girl Scout camp

What is the longest time you’ve been away from home?
1. 1-6 days
2. 1-2 weeks
3. 2-4 weeks or more

Are you ready to spend up to 6 weeks making a difference in other girls lives at camp?
1. I’m not sure
2. I am excited, but I am a little nervous
3. Yes, I can’t wait!

Would you consider yourself an experienced leader?
1. Not yet, but I want to learn
2. I have some experience
3. I have lots of experience

How do you approach group responsibilities like kapers/chores?
1. I will do it if it is required
2. I help when I am asked
3. I seek opportunities to help

Do you like to meet new people and try new activities?
1. Not really
2. Depends on the situation
3. Yes, I love new things!

Do you enjoy outdoor activities and being in nature?
1. I prefer the indoors
2. Sometimes
3. Yes, I am most comfortable in nature

How do you handle group conflict?
1. I shy away from it
2. I prefer guidance
3. I work together to find a resolution

Are you enthusiastic about being a role model for other girls?
1. I am not sure
2. Yes, and I may need some guidance
3. Yes, sign me up!


10-16 It might be a good idea for you to wait until next year to try a leadership program. Try a one week overnight session at Camp Laurel or a one week session at any one of our day camps.

17-23 You are ready to try a leadership program! You might want to start with the two-week LEADership program ( Grades 7 to 8 only) so you can explore your leadership skills and style.

24-30 You are ready to be a CIT or WIT (Grades 9 and up only) To apply for the program please visit for an application.


Camp CEO
Looking for a unique older girl experience? Girls age 14-17* can join us at Camp CEO where the fun of camp combines with creating your own vision as a future woman leader. Through innovative and interactive workshops and activities, you’ll discover how your dreams, passions, and skills can transform you into the successful woman you want to be. 

(Special thanks to the University of New Haven College of Arts & Sciences, Advanced TV Production class for producing this video!)

You will be assigned to your own CEO buddy, who is a prominent business leader.They will collaborate with you during this journey while enjoying all the fun activities that Camp Laurel has to offer - horseback riding, boating, swimming, and archery. (*Girls who are 18 and still in high school are also welcome).

June 26 - June 29