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Resident Camp Laurel

2021 Dates

Traditional Camp: June 27 - August 6

Laurel Mini-Camp: June 22 - June 25

Parent COVID-19 Operations Letter

June 2021
Greetings from Girl Scouts of CT, 

Thank you for registering your daughter for summer camp with us. We look forward to making camp More Fun in '21.

Summer camp this year will look and feel different than in years past. There are safety plans and procedures that we are mandated to follow as we follow guidance set forth by the CDC, State of CT Office of Early Childhood, the American Camp Association and Girl Scouts of CT.

We know that Girl Scout summer camp is a time-honored tradition and girls look forward to camp every year. It is not uncommon to hear our girls say, “I can’t wait to go to camp to see my friends, explore new challenges, try a new activity and make new friends.” It’s what camp is all about. We wait 10 months for summer to come around so we can experience the camp life.


  • Check in times and days are Sundays, 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Campers’ first meal will be lunch on Sundays.
  • Check out times and days are Fridays, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Campers’ last meal will be dinner on Fridays.

Prior to arrival at camp this season (2021), Campers and staff who are not fully vaccinated by their check in day to camp, are required to produce a negative COVID-19 test taken within 1 to 3 days in advance of their arrival and submit the results upon check in. Results can either be printed or shown from an electronic format to the camp staff upon check in. NO emails to camp prior to arrival accepted. These tests can be conducted at a local testing site. Either a PCR or rapid test is acceptable. To find a site nearest to you, you can call 2-1-1 or visit the CT Testing Locator to locate the nearest testing site. It is imperative that a few days prior to the test and once taken that campers, staff and families are cautious and practice social distancing until arrival at camp. Campers and staff members who receive a positive test days prior to arrival should contact us immediately and NOT plan to travel to camp until they test negative.

Should your camper attend camp for several sessions that are consecutive, you will only need to test prior to arrival for the 2 week session. Should your camper attend camp for several sessions that are separated by more than 48 hours, you will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test taken 1-3 days before your arrival to camp. 

Resident Camp Operation under State COVID-19 Guidelines

Arrival | 
New this year!!

You will have the opportunity before you say goodbye to go into our trading post at the entrance of the camp to purchase any camp gear you would like. Trading post is open on check in and check out days only. Parents will accompany their campers through the trading post. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.

Each camper and staff will be required to have a health screening (looking for symptoms or exposure) check by staff at check in. Any camper or staff with potential symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed in camp until cleared by a medical professional and proof of a negative test. 

We ask that parents stay in their vehicles at drop off in order to maintain social distancing and minimize exposure. You can leave your vehicle to drop off luggage and to go through Trading Post.

Check in day has been altered this year to provide you with a seamless check in right in our parking lot. Once you arrive, you will be directed through our drive-through drop-off.

Welcome to Camp Laurel! We have an amazing week(s) planned for you and are glad you are with us this summer.

  1. A staff member will welcome you and your camper, tell your camper(s) her unit assignment and let the counselor know she’s arrived.
  2. A staff member will ask for your camper’s COVID-19 test results. Your camper will be asked questions such as: Have you been sick in the past week? Have you been in close contact with anyone who has been sick in the past two weeks?
  3. You’ll be instructed to remove your luggage from your car and place it in Turtle Terminal. Our CIT’s will be available to assist and mark your luggage and place it by unit sign. We ask that you pack any medications and bedding separately so your camper is ready to go to her unit.
  4. Should your camper have any allergies, medications, or an individualized care plans, you’ll be able to meet with the health care staff and discuss any questions or concerns.
  5. Say good bye to your camper and wish her a week full of fun and excitement. We will see you at pick up and take great care of your camper.  A staff member will be there to show your camper where to go next.

We are asking that this year, you say your well wishes to your camper in the parking lot as she is beginning her journey and camp experience with her fellow campers and counselors and cross the bridge to all of the fun and excitement that awaits.

Daily Camp Life
Campers will be required to thoroughly disinfect hands prior to meeting up with their fellow campers and frequently throughout the day.  Sanitizer, soap and water will be available throughout camp.

  • Groups will remain separated from each other and will not intermingle throughout the day.
  • We will perform daily health screenings of campers and staff.
  • According to OEC guidelines staff are permitted to move about groups while practicing proper social distancing and sanitization methods.
  • Campers and staff who live together in a unit will be considered a cohort. Within their cohort the CDC has determined that staff and campers will not have to wear masks. However, whenever a cohort is in an indoor space with another cohort present, campers and staff will be required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status.
  • One does not need to wear a mask when: sleeping, eating, showering, boating, swimming or in her cohort.

Daily Programming
Campers will be placed in one group of 10 to 25 campers and two counselors. This is their cohort for the week they are at camp. To minimize exposure, these counselors will stay with their group for the entire week. 

The unit approach leads to deeper and richer relationships among the group and connections that will last a lifetime. 

All campers and staff are required to wear appropriate face coverings when inside common use buildings and when unable to maintain adequate distance from others. We ask that you speak to your camper about this, bring enough masks for daily use and show her how to put one on and take it off and store in a zip lock bag in her backpack.

Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing/disinfection will happen throughout the day in high use areas, after each group and thoroughly at the end of each day. There will be a staff person hired to do the basic daily cleaning.

All activities, including meals, will happen with their unit. Large group activities such as, but not limited to, starting and ending the day, all camp games, etc. will not happen this summer due to staying within the guidelines and practicing social distancing. The campers will however still have these camp traditions within their unit.

Meals will be served in the dining hall with each unit sitting together at several tables. During meal times, while sitting at the table, masks do not need to be worn.

Materials that are used by all, will be rotated in and out by each group to allow for cleaning before the next small camp uses it.

Swim lessons will not be offered this summer. However, girls will have the opportunity to have recreational swim under the guidance of certified lifeguards. We ask that your camper can put on and take of their swimsuit and get dressed including socks and shoes without assistance. On the first day of each session, the campers will be swim checked to verify their level of ability to swim. There will be two levels, shallow end swimmers or deep end swimmers.

We are going to take group photos this year and email them out to families at no charge. This way, you will have your camper’s photo to share with your family virtually instead of a print photos.

Health care at camp
Should a camper or staff member shows symptoms of COVID-19, we will inform the camper’s families by phone and email. We will let you know of our procedures for mitigation at that time.

Health forms are required for each camper prior to their arrival at camp. Please note that every year, a family must fill out the parent portion in full and sign and date as well as have your camper sign their portion.

Should your child have a plan of care and/or need medications administered during camp or as an “as needed” med (epi pen, inhaler, etc.) then you will need to fill out the Authorization of Administration form in full and hand it in on the first day of the session your camper will be attending. Please note, by State regulations we are unable to give your child any over the counter medications unless you have the medication with you AND the Authorization form. We do not have over the counter medications at camp to give to your camper. All medications must be in their original containers and for any prescribed meds, the dosage, frequency, medication and campers name must be on the actual medication and not on the box.

Please note that we cannot administer any medications without you and your Health Care Provider consent AND signature that your camper CAN self-administer. Upon registration, we have emailed you a health form for 2021. If you have not received one, please contact

Feel free to reach out to our Camping Services Team at should you have any questions or concerns. Click on this link for the Parent Handbook with contact information for camp as well as information about camp, and a packing list.

Thank you for choosing Girl Scouts of CT summer camps.

Camp CEO is on hold for 2021

Girl Scouts of CT is carefully monitoring the opening of residential camps with the State of CT for the summer of 2021. We are moving forward with opening registration for this summer for resident camp. We will update the residential page when we know more.  

There are many new things to explore at resident camp this summer! With a pick your own program, Family Fridays complete with a museum showing and family evening bbq, earlier drop offs on Sundays and pick ups on Friday evenings and a revamped CIT program, there is sure to be something for everyone.

All girls are welcome!


  • Check-in begins at 10:00 a.m. to 12: 00 p.m. noon on Sundays. When arriving to camp, you will follow the directions from the staff in the parking lot, go to the main camp for Health Care check in if need be, After General check in, you will then proceed to the assigned unit to assist your camper in setting up her bedding. All campers should be at camp by 12 noon. We have found that many families are so eager to get to camp they arrive before 10:00 a.m. We are excited too, but PLEASE wait until 10:00 a.m. to begin check-in. Our staff are preparing right up to the last moment for your arrival. 
  • Check Out/ Pick up for resident camp is now Fridays between the hours of 5: p.m. and 7:p.m.


  • Our resident campers and families have the opportunity to join in on Family Fridays! Between 5p.m. and 7 p.m., join us for a BBQ dinner, participate in activities, enjoy a walk-through of the “museum”, meet your camper’s counselors and other camp staff and a horse riding exhibition.

View the Parent Handbook HERE


Mini Camp
Get your summer off to an amazing start with a mini camp experience for the first time camper or one who wants just a little bit of camp! It’s a great introduction to life at camp, and campers have an opportunity to try many of the activities offered at Laurel. Girls will have scheduled group activities with their cabins including swimming, crafts, nature, campfires with s’mores, but campers will also have several free time activity periods in which they can sign up for an activity of their choice.

Our time together may be short, but we make the most of it by providing an awesome camp experience that will have you signing up for the next session too!(Excludes horseback riding)

Mini Camp Check-In

  • Check in begins at 4 p.m. Please plan your arrival accordingly. When arriving to camp, you will follow the directions from the staff in the parking lot, go to the main camp for Health Care check in if need be, and general check in. After General check in, you will then proceed to the assigned unit to assist your camper in setting up her bedding. All campers should be at camp by 6 p.m. We have found that many families are so eager to get to camp they arrive before 2:00 p.m. We are excited too, but PLEASE wait until 4:00 p.m. to begin check-in. Our staff are preparing for your arrival. 
  • Check Out/ Pick up for resident camp is now Fridays between the hours of 5: p.m. and 7:p.m.

New for 2021:   Older Girl Program!
Girls going into grades 9 and above can attend camp for a week and enjoy a program designed by them, for them! For the girl who wants to attend camp and not be in a leadership program. The Older Girl Program impacts their own camp experience by encompassing skill building, confronting new challenges and building peer relationships. Think of syncro swim, outdoor cooking using no utensils, an overnight just for you, advanced crafts, archery, wilderness survival, media and camp blogging, and a night owls program for activities after dark. 

POP is Laurel's new and exciting program! POP is a girl led experience. Pick your Own Program! POP girls get to choose their own camp experience this summer by choosing what they want to participate in. POP is girl led, girl choice, building upon skills, and meet new girls outside of their unit. On Sundays, our camp staff will deliver “infomercials” on the programs that they lead during the week. Girls will then select what programs they would like to participate in during the program times during the day. Laurel also has new and expanded programs. Drama, dance, multi-media, rocketry, advanced crafts, syncro swim, and outdoor living skills to name a few. Please note: Horseback is excluded as this is a separate program selected prior to coming to camp that will include some of the POP program. NEW: All campers will have a swim assessment prior to waterfront activities. All campers going into grades 1-5 will have one period per day scheduled for swim lessons. Campers going into grades 6 and above, families have the option to opt out of swimming lessons. There will be three different program tracks based on Girl Scout levels: Daisy and Brownies level 1, Juniors, Cadettes level 2 and Seniors and Ambassadors level 3. 

Have a question? Check out our FAQs below! 

Where will my girl sleep?
Campers are assigned sleeping units/areas based upon camper age and sometimes the program they registered for, such as equestrian or the CIT program. We try to assign the youngest campers to the units that are cabins. Please note that if your child is sleeping in a cabin, there are camp staff living with them in the cabins. Campers may sleep in platform tents, which sleep four campers each.  We encourage you and your girl to attend our Open House so that you are familiar with all of the sleeping units at Camp Laurel.

What will my girl eat?
Food service staff at Camp Laurel prepares a variety of pleasing and nutritious meals appropriate for children. Camp serves plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and breads. Camp Laurel day campers receive lunch daily in the dining hall for no additional charge. All campers at all camps receive a snack each afternoon. 

 Can special diets be accommodated?
We do offer a vegetarian alternative at each meal.  If you have allergies or special dietary needs, please contact the Camp Director prior to camp to discuss your requirements. 

Can I visit?
Each camp will host an Open House in the spring. Families are welcome to see and tour the camp as well as meet the Camp Director and staff.  Parents may not visit their camper while camp is in session.

How can I contact my girl during camp?
In your parent information packet, you will receive the mailing address and information needed to contact your camper during her stay. We encourage you to write your camper, but remember it is often necessary to post-mark mail prior to her departure to ensure she receives it in a timely manner. You can also leave letters at check in with their name and date on them and we are able to give them to your camper while at camp

Can I send my girl to camp with food to share?
No, thanks! To keep camp critter visits to a minimum, please don’t send food of any kind with your daughter. If your daughter has dietary restrictions please contact the camp director before camp starts to discuss the options available.

Can I mail a care package?
We discourage packages mailed from home. If you feel you need to send your camper something during a one week stay, please remember that it could arrive after her stay at camp. It’s best to leave the package with the office at drop off with her name and date to give it to her.

2021 Camp Fee Schedule
One Week $500
Two Weeks $900
One Week Older Girl Program $500
 LEAD 2 weeks $900
CIT1 first 4 weeks $975
CIT2 6 weeks $1225
CIT3 6 weeks $150
WIT 6 weeks $1225
Mini Camp | Tuesday p.m. - Sat. a.m. $305
Saddle Up one week $660
Horse Savvy two weeks $1190