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Cookie Program Resources

READ HERE for a chance to receive a laptop!

How would your Girl Scout like a chance to win a laptop?

Digital Cookie is the key!

Girls who complete three simple steps on the Digital Cookie platform during the 2021 cookie program will be eligible to be entered into a drawing to win a laptop!

  1. Set up and have a published Digital Cookie online storefront
  2. Have at least three unique customers make a purchase via their Digital Cookie storefront by March 28, 2021
  3. Sell at least 50 packages via Digital Cookie. All packages sold, regardless if they are for girl delivery, direct ship, or donation, will count toward the total sold to be eligible for the drawing.

Four winners will be selected and the selected Girl Scouts will be notified by email by April 9. No additional action beyond completing the three steps listed above is required to be entered into the drawing.

When girls sell Girl Scout Cookies, they’re doing more than helping their customers stock up on delicious treats. Girls sell Girl Scout Cookies purposefully. Some girls and troops are selling cookies to raise funds for amazing troop activities and trips. Other girls are participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program® to earn badges and rewards. And, every Girl Scout is looking to have fun!

But, did you know that cookie sellers are part of something even bigger? When girls participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they’re part of the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world—and that’s kind of a huge deal. Having the opportunity to run their very own cookie business gives them the skills essential for success today and in the future.

Whether you’re a girl/parent/guardian or a volunteer, we have cookie program resources specifically for you! Check out the drop down menus below for resources that will ensure a successful cookie program in 2021. Be sure to check back as more resources become available. We’ve got this!

Cookie Rally

Get ready to be inspired! Watch the 2021 virtual Cookie Rally here.

Here is everything you need to participate in the activities featured in this year’s Cookie Rally:

  • Cookies for Heroes Thank You Cards | Print Me
  • Cookies for Heroes Thank You Cards Instructions | Read Me
  • Know Your Cookies Cards | Print Me
  • Goals 1 Family Instructions and Horse | Print Me
  • Goals 2 Tracker | Print Me
  • Safety Scenes Coloring | Print Me 

At Cookie Rally, girls learn the ins and outs of marketing America’s favorite cookies, including the ingredients, packaging, pricing, and how to reach customers near and far.

Girls will:

  • Learn how to set and reach cookie program goals.
  • Learn about cookie varieties offered this year.
  • See how they can safely ask customers to support them in the cookie program.
Resources for Volunteers

Your service unit cookie manager is your go-to person for the cookie program, so be sure to check with her/him if you are looking for information or have questions. Or contact the GSOFCT Customer Care team at or 800-922-2770 as they are happy to assist.

Check back frequently as we will be adding resources as the cookie program gets underway.

Printed program resources:

  • 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program troop guide | PDF
  • Cookie Program Girl Training | PDF
  • Troop Cookie Manager Checklist | PDF
  • 2020-2021 Girl Scout Cookie Food Allergen Guide | PDF

The Cookie Recipe emails 

All troop co-leaders and troop cookie managers should be receiving The Cookie Recipe emails. If you are not, please contact our Customer Care Team ( or 800-922-2770) so we can assist.

Looking for links to the volunteer Zoom call recordings and troop training modules? These are listed on the Trainings, Webinars, and Tutorials for Volunteers drop down menu below.

Resources for Girls and Families

Below is cookie program information developed specifically for our girl cookie sellers and their families. Be sure to check with your troop leader/troop cookie volunteer for complete information and guidance regarding this year’s cookie program.

  • Printable cookie order card | PDF
  • Family newsletter | PDF
  • 2020-2021 Girl Scout Cookie Food Allergen Guide | PDF
  • Juliette guide to 2021 Girl Scout Cookie program | PDF
  • Door Hanger - QR Code | Word
  • Door Hanger | PDF
  • Goal Getter Order Card | PDF

Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin: Her Cookie Business = A Family Affair

Returning for its second year, this pin recognizes the HUGE role families play in a Girl Scout’s cookie business. Each Girl Scout program level has its own pin and set of requirements to help families guide their Girl Scout as she runs her own cookie business each year. Click here to download the requirements for your Girl Scout’s program level to get started!

Girl Scouts can (and should!) proudly display their Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin on their uniforms.

Be sure to check out the Cookie Business and Financial Literacy badges Girl Scouts can earn when they participate in the cookie program. Check out GSUSA’s Award and Badge Explorer to identify the badges for your Girl Scout’s program level.

Looking for information about getting started with Digital Cookie? Check out the Digital Cookie drop down menu below.


The complete cookie program calendar is included in the cookie program troop guide on pages 6-7.

January 2

Initial Order Taking begins

Digital Cookie online storefronts opens for order taking

January 31

Initial Order Taking Ends. All paper order card orders turned into the troop cookie manager to be entered into eBudde.

February 1

Goal Getter Order Taking Begins. Download the Goal Getter Order sheet to continue taking orders that can be filled when cookies arrive in late February.

February 4

Deadline to submit ACH authorization. NOTE: If an ACH authorization has already been submitted for 2020 Treats & Reads OR 2020 Election Week Cookie sales, another authorization does NOT need to be submitted.

February 5

Deadline to enter troop’s Initial Order in eBudde. Be sure to check with families to ensure orders taken on the paper order card are submitted to the troop volunteer to be entered into eBudde.

February 19

Digital Cookie troop links are published in the Cookie Finder app. See the Digital Cookie drop down menu for more information about the troop link.

February 27

In person booth sales begin

February 27 & 28

Cookie delivery weekend. Check with the service unit cookie manager about the date, time, and location where your troop will pick up its Initial Order.

March 14

Last day for Digital Cookie girl delivery orders

March 19

First ACH payment. See the Cookie Finances drop down menu for specifics.

March 28

Last day for booth sales and Goal Getter orders

Last day for Digital Cookie shipped and donated orders

April 2

Deadline for troop to make final eBudde entries, including finalizing girl rewards

April 9

Final ACH payment.

Deadline to submit Top Troop Reward form. See page 33 in the cookie program troop guide for eligibility requirements.

May 2021

Girl rewards shipped to the service unit cookie manager in mid-May. Look for a communication about where/when to pick up the troop’s rewards.

Cookies for Heroes / Local Gift of Caring

Cookies for Heroes is the council’s Gift of Caring program. Girls can offer their customers the opportunity to support the girl’s troop and, at the same time, donate cookies to women and men serving in the military, veterans, and local heroes. Cookies for Heroes packages are $5 per package.

Girls can sell cookies for Cookies for Heroes in person during Initial Order Taking and the Goal Getter periods as well as at booth sales and neighborhood walkabouts. Customers can also make a purchase for Cookies for Heroes through the Digital Cookie platform.

Girls should include the Cookies for Heroes Program as part of their sales pitch, whether presenting to family and friends on a Zoom call or talking to neighbors at a neighborhood booth sale or walkabout.

Purchases for the Cookies for Heroes Program are virtual for the troop/girl; packages sold for the Cookies for Heroes Program do not come from a troop/girl’s cookie inventory. The girl/family collects money due for these packages from the customer, the troop cookie manager records the purchase in eBudde, and GSOFCT works with partner organizations to deliver Cookies for Heroes packages to recipients.

Girls and troops can use the box wrap and flyer to promote the Cookies for Heroes Program. Girls can attach the flyer to their order card to remind them to ask customers if they would like to make a purchase. Girls and troops can use the box wrap (wraps perfectly around a Thin Mint box) to promote the program at booth sales and during walkabouts.

  • Cookies for Heroes Box Wrap | PDF
  • Cookies for Heroes Flyer | PDF
Trainings, Webinars, Tutorials for Volunteers

Below are links to troop training modules, recorded volunteer Zoom calls, and video tutorials. We will continue to add these resources as the 2021 cookie season gets underway.

Be sure to look for links to join the live volunteer Zoom calls in upcoming issues of The Cookie Recipe emails. If you miss/can’t make the live call, we will post links to the recordings here.

Troop Training Modules

  • Cookie 101 | Video
  • Goal Setting, Reaching Customers, and Rewards | Video
  • Cookie Program Finances | Video
  • Digital Cookie | Video
  • Cookies for Heroes/Gift of Caring | Video
  • Cookie Program Safety | Video

Recorded Cookie Chats for Volunteers

  • Cookie Chat #1 - Digital Cookie (12/30/20) | Video

Video tutorials | (coming soon)

Digital Cookie

The Digital Cookie platform allows girls to bring their cookie program to the next level with easy-to-use online tools.

Check out the   4 Easy Steps to Digital Cookie flyer to get up and running with the Digital Cookie platform in no time.

Girl Scouts and parents/guardians should review the GSUSA Internet Safety Pledge prior to getting started with Digital Cookie. 

Given the impact Covid-19 continues to have on our communities, we want to encourage EVERY Girl Scout to consider setting up a Digital Cookie storefront during the 2021 cookie program.


  • Girl Scouts can customize their online storefront with specific messaging about what they are learning in the cookie program and how their troop will use the proceeds earned. Customer always want to hear about what Girl Scouts are learning and doing!
  • It is a contactless way to reach out to customers near and far to ask for their support. Girls can send marketing emails to friends and family and they can use social media to share the link to their storefront. Please review the Digital Marketing Tips for Cookie Entrepreneurs and Families AND Supplemental Safety Tips for Online Marketing PRIOR to posting on social media.
  • A Girl Scout can use her Digital Cookie online storefront to reach customers who she might normally reach out to in person. By creating a QR code that links directly to her Digital Cookie site, she can include the code on door hangers that she can deliver to customers in her neighborhood.

    If a Girl Scout normally brings the order card to a parent/guardian workplace, she can create a flyer with the QR code and ask her parent/guardian to send to work colleagues who are working remotely.
  • It is a contactless way for customers to pay for their cookies. Customers pay with a credit card at the point of purchase.
  • Once a Girl Scout has her Digital Cookie online storefront, she/her parent/guardian can use the mobile app to take orders AND sell cookies on the spot once the Girl Scout has cookies in hand. All while maintaining social distance and keeping the transaction mostly contactless.

Girls and families will gain access to the Digital Cookie platform ( via registration email that will be sent on December 28. Digital Cookie sites will go live for customers on January 2, 2021.

In order for a parent/guardian to receive a girl registration email:

  • The girl must be registered for the 2020-2021 membership year.
  • The girl must have a date of birth as part of her membership record.
  • The girl must have a valid parent/guardian email address as part of her membership record.
  • The girl must be OPTED IN to emails in her membership record.

If a parent/guardian is unsure whether his/her Girl Scout’s record is all set for Digital Cookie participation, please contact the Customer Care team at to inquire.

Volunteers will gain access to the troop’s Digital Cookie dashboard via registration that will be sent on December 21.

In order to receive a troop volunteer registration email:

  • The volunteer must be registered AND be an approved volunteer for the 2020-2021 membership year.
  • The volunteer must have the troop leader OR troop cookie manager role assigned to her/his membership record

NOTE: If a troop volunteer also has a Girl Scout who will be participating on the Digital Cookie platform, she/he can use the same login credentials to set up her own Girl Scout(s) Digital Cookie site as she/he uses for troop access to Digital Cookie. BUT, the volunteer will not be able to register his/her Girl Scout until the parent access date (December 28).

The registration email will come from If you cannot find the registration email in your inbox:

  1. Do a search for to see if you can find the email.
  2. For Gmail accounts, check the Promotions folder as that is likely where the registration email landed.
  3. Still can’t find the registration email? Click on the No Registration Email tip sheet below for steps you can take to register your Girl Scout for the Digital Cookie platform.

Check out the tip sheets below for step-by-step instructions on getting your Girl Scout(s) Digital Cookie online storefront ready for customers.

Quick Tip sheets



Getting Started with eBudde (Troop Cookie Managers) | PDF

Initial Order Entry in eBudde (Troop Cookie Managers) | PDF (Coming Soon)

eBudde is the online application used by troops and GSOFCT to manage the cookie program. The Digital Cookie platform is fully integrated with eBudde and orders placed by customers on a Girl Scout’s Digital Cookie site are recorded in eBudde.

eBudde is where girl orders and troop booth cookies are entered and allocated. eBudde is also where girl and troop rewards are recorded. Click  here to access the LBB Cookie Tech Portal, the entryway to eBudde. We strongly recommend saving this site to your favorites.

Be sure to check out the eBudde app (available on the App Store and Google play) so you can manage the troop’s cookie program wherever you are!

Emails have been sent to troop co-leaders and troop cookie managers to create eBudde login credentials for the 2021 cookie program. If you are having trouble getting started with eBudde, please reach out to the Customer Care Team ( or 800-922-2770).

Booth Sales

Cookie booth sales are a great way for girls to reach new customers and for troops to increase their sales. Booth sales are generally held in front of local businesses or at community events where there is a high level of foot traffic. Girls can also consider holding a virtual booth on social media with the supervision of troop adults. Booth sale guidance is included in the cookie program troop guide on pages 22-24.

During the 2021 cookie program, booth sales can take place between February 27 and March 28.

NOTE: Given the evolving nature of Covid-19 and its continued impact on our communities, please be sure to check GSOFCT’s Covid-19 guidance as we approach the booth sale period. We will provide guidance for service units and troops regarding steps they can take, with permission from local municipal health officials, to ensure girls and volunteers can safely hold in-person booth sales.

Troop Booth Sale

Coming Soon!

Family Booth Sale

Coming Soon!

Drive-Thru Booth Sale

Coming Soon!

Booth Sale Safety Guidelines

Coming Soon!

Goal Getter Sales and Selling after the Initial Order

Coming Soon!

Cookie Program Safety Guidelines

Safety guidelines and information can be found on page 13 in the cookie program troop guide. Detailed safety information can be found in the Safety Activity Checkpoints for Cookie and Product Sales. All adults who are assisting a Girl Scout in the cookie program, including chaperoning at a booth sale, must be familiar with the cookie program safety guidelines.

  • Girls must be registered for the 2020-2021 membership year and have an Annual Consent and Covid-19 Inform Consent form on file with the troop.
  • The Digital Cookie platform is the only approved online sales tool available for girls when selling cookies. Girls cannot set up third-party sites where cookies are sold and money is exchanged online, i.e. Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc.
  • Girls and families must review and abide by GSUSA’s Digital Marketing Tips for Cookie Entrepreneurs and Families and the Supplemental Safety Tips for Online Marketing before engaging in online marketing and sales efforts through the cookie program.
  • Girls should wear their Girl Scout uniform, a membership pin, or informal Girl Scout clothing when selling, taking orders, or delivering cookies.
  • An adult needs to accompany Daises, Brownies, and Juniors participating in the cookie program and provide supervision when all Girl Scouts are participating in the cookie program, including when using social media and the Digital Cookie platform.
  • Girls should never provide their last name, phone number, or personal email. Instead provide contact information for a troop adult.
  • Wear masks when interacting with customers and when social distance cannot be maintained. Social distance from others, whenever possible.
  • Adults should handle all payments (electronic or cash) and be responsible for all cash received.
COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Watch Here to see how girls can Safely Participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

Although the cookie program might look a little different this year due to Covid-19, the tried-and-true ways to reach customers can be easily adjusted for girls to participate safely. Girls/families should consider which reach out methods they are comfortable using.

The most important thing to remember when participating in the cookie program is to follow the  Four Pillars of Safety that we are following during this pandemic:

  1. Wear a mask
  2. Maintain social distance of at least 6 feet
  3. Frequently wash your hands
  4. Follow current local and state health guidelines

In addition to the guidelines listed here, girls should have a completed Annual Consent form and Covid-19 Informed Consent form on file with the troop. All the usual safety guidelines for cookie sellers should also be followed. See the Cookie Program Safety Guidelines in the drop down menu above.

Making a potential customer list
A Girl Scout’s community is full of people who love Girl Scout Cookies! Girls should work with parents/guardians to create a list of potential customers. New cookie sellers may be most comfortable starting with family and friends. This is a great place for girls to practice their sales pitch and gain confidence talking to people they know best.

Most girls will want to go beyond selling only to family and friends. Remember: Everyone is a potential cookie customer and girls should think about people they and their families come in contact with person and virtually This can include co-workers and friends of parents and siblings. Also, teachers, paraprofessionals, coaches, and instructors are great cookie customers. So are people that the family interacts with at their house of worship and through clubs and activities. Girls who sold last year will want to be sure they ask the same customers again this year as they will be looking forward to getting their favorite cookies!

Reaching out to customers
Once a girl knows who she wants to ask to support her and her troop by purchasing cookies, she should decide the most appropriate and safest way to reach out to those customers. Younger girls and first-time sellers will most likely need the help of a trusted adult when making these decisions.

Using Digital Cookie: The Digital Cookie online platform provides a contactless way for girls to reach out to customers. Customers can pay for cookies with a credit or debit card and choose to have the cookies direct shipped, donated, or delivered by the girl. Every girl should set up a Digital Cookie online storefront this year! Once their online storefront is up and running, girls/families can use the Digital Cookie mobile app to continue to send marketing emails, approve girl delivery orders, and monitor their progress toward their cookie goals!

Girls/families can get started with the Digital Cookie platform by using the link in the email sent to parents/guardians on December 28, 2020. If the email was not received, contact our Customer Care team.

  • Once registered on the Digital Cookie platform, Girl Scouts can set up their online storefront, enter their sales goal, share their cookie story, and upload a fun picture or video! Make sure to save the storefront settings and have a parent/guardian approve the site. The site is then ready to be published.
  • Girls can also manage their cookie customer list and send ready-to-use emails inviting people to support their cookie program.
  • Girls can work with their families to share their Digital Cookie online storefront link on social media

Reaching out by phone, text, and email
All of these reach out methods provide a contactless way for girls to reach customers. Girls should decide the best way to reach out to specific customers. For instance, older girl may decide to reach out to friends via text. In the case of reaching out to grandparents she may want to call them directly. When reaching out to customers, girls should be sure to use a parent or troop adult contact information customers to place an order. Be sure to follow the social media guidelines list above.

Creating social media events
In addition to posting on personal social media accounts, girls should consider hosting events on social media. For example, girls can set up a Facebook event and invite all her friends. Another idea is to download Girl Scout Cookie assets from Little Brownie Baker ( here ) to make cookie-centric posts. Consider creating fun cookie posts for Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok – don’t forget to include the link to a girl’s Digital Cookie storefront in the bio.

Asking for support in person
While all of us are having less in person contact these days, most Girl Scouts are still seeing some people in person. These potential customers include family and close friends as well as teachers and extracurricular activity coaches/instructors.  When talking about the cookie program and asking for a customer’s support it is important girls remember to follow the Four Pillars of Safety listed above. We recommend girls have copies of the printable order card or the door hanger to give to customers so they can see the available cookie varieties. This way, girls do not need to exchange their order card and pen with the customer. Once the customer knows what she/he wants to order, the girl can write the order down.

Going door-to-door
With adult supervision, girls can visit neighbors in a familiar neighborhood to take orders or conduct a walkabout sale when cookies arrive.

  • Girls can go door-to-door with their paper order card. The best way to practice social distancing is to put a door hanger on the door knob, knock, step away, and put at least 6 feet of distance between herself and the door. When the customer comes to the door the girl can make her ask while the customer views the cookie varieties on the door hanger. The girl scout can then write down the order onto the order card. We recommend the girl repeat the order back to the customer to be sure she has recorded it correctly.
  • If potential customers are not home girls can leave a door hanger to let her neighbors know she is selling Girl Scout Cookies. There is space on the door hanger to provide an adult’s phone number or adult-monitored email address so the customer can place an order with the Girl Scout. Check out the For Girls and Families drop down menu above to download the door hanger.

Using Zoom, Skype or other video conferencing apps
During this pandemic, many girls and their families have become very familiar with Zoom, Skype and other video conferencing apps. Why not put that new knowledge to work in the cookie program? Girls/families can set up a call and invite potential customers. When the virtual meeting starts she can make her sales pitch and ask for everyone’s support. This is a great way for a girl to share her and her troop’s goals, talk about what she has done in Girl Scouts, and what she is learning through the cookie program. Customers love hearing these details from girls, and the virtual platform gives girls a great opportunity to speak to many people at once. A girl may decide to do a short play or sing a song about cookies during her presentation. Orders can be placed by customers using chat, emailed to the girl’s parent/ or guardian or told directly to the girl.

Reaching out to parent/guardian workplaces
Frequently, parents/guardians will help girls reach new customers by sharing with their co-workers that their Girl Scout is selling cookies. This year, with many people working from home, Girl Scouts and their families will need to get creative to reach these customers.  Girls and their parents/guardians should brainstorm plans for reaching out. These plans could include making a live or recorded virtual presentation, emailing co-workers, or having parent/guardian share the sale information or girl’s Digital Cookie link with co-workers. As always, Girl Scouts should take responsibility for these orders by contacting customers, filling orders, writing thank-you notes, and, if possible, delivering cookies. 

Participating in a cookie booth
Cookie booths will not start until at least February 27, 2021. Check back later for our most up to date guidelines on participating in a cookie booth sale.

Delivering Cookies
While it is difficult to predict the effect that Covid-19 will have on our activities in March, we can anticipate that some safety restrictions will still be in place.

But, not to worry! Girls can deliver cookies in a safe manner! One way is to be a “Porch Pixie.” The girl lets the customer know she is coming to deliver cookies and collect payment, if due. The girl puts the cookies on the porch or other place near the front door, rings the bell/knocks/ calls/texts to let the customer know the cookies have arrived. Then, she steps back and lets the customer retrieve the cookies and leave payment, if due. The adult with the girl can retrieve the payment and delivery is complete. Remember: If the cookies were ordered on a girl’s Digital Cookie storefront, the cookies have already been paid for the customer’s credit or debit card and payment does NOT need to be collected by the girl/family.

Some customers may wish to pick up cookies from the girl. The process would be the same but with the girl preparing the cookie order and leaving it by her front door when the customer arrives. Remember everyone likes Girl Scout cookies, including our wildlife friends. Don’t leave cookies outside unless they are being picked up immediately or are in a sealed container.

Contactless Payment Options
Troops and families have contactless payment options this year as well.

Digital Cookie: If the cookies are ordered through a girl’s Digital Cookie online storefront, regardless of whether they were direct shipped, donated, or girl delivered, they are already paid for! The Digital Cookie mobile app can also be used for in-hand purchases when girls have cookies in March. Remember: The Digital Cookie platform/mobile app cannot be used to pay for paper order card orders.

Cheddar Up:. This is an online payment option that troops can use to collect payments from troop families and for families to collect payments from customers. Check with your troop co-leader to see if the troop is using Cheddar Up this year.

Checks and cash payments can also be contactless! Payments can be placed in a sealed envelope and picked up in the same contactless way the cookies are delivered. We encourage adults to handle payments this year.

Cookie Finances
  • 2020-2021 ACH Authorization Form | Form
  • ACH Terms of Agreement | PDF

Troop proceeds:

Complete information about troop proceeds, including proceeds for Juliettes in the cookie program, are on page 33 in the cookie program troop guide.

Troop proceeds are based on the troop’s final per girl selling average (PGA) for packages sold between January and March 2021. The PGA is calculated using the total number of packages sold during the Initial Order Taking and Goal Getter periods, at booth sales in March, cookies sold for Cookies for Heroes and/or local Gift of Caring initiative and on the Digital Cookie platform.

This chart illustrates how troop proceeds are calculated

If the troop’s final PGA is

The troop’s per package proceeds will be:

Between 1 and 100 packages


Greater than 100 and up to 150 packages


Greater than 150 packages


Additional Proceeds option:

Older girl troops (Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador levels) are eligible to take an additional 10¢ per package in proceeds in lieu of taking individual girl rewards. The extra 10¢ will be in addition to the amount earned in tiered proceeds per the chart above.

Customer payment:

Cash or check payable to GSOFCT is accepted payments. Troops/girls/families should carefully consider accepting checks from customers not known to girls and families.

In an effort to keep transactions as contactless as possible, troops/girls/families should consider accepting credit cards from customers. The Cheddar Up platform is one way to accept credit cards from customers and electronic payments from families. Information about GSOFCT’s Cheddar Up platform can be found here. 

The Cheddar Up platform can accept credit cards either with a swipe device or via manual entry of the customer’s credit card number. Check with your troop volunteers to see if the troop has a Cheddar Up swipe device that can be used during the cookie program.

Girl/family payment to the troop:

This year, council is recommending troops collect payment from girls/families via Cheddar Up. Troop volunteers can check out the How Does Cheddar Up Work? drop down menu on the Cheddar Up page for how the troop can use Cheddar Up to accept electronic payments from families.

If a girl/family collects cash payments from customers, these funds need to be turned over to the troop promptly to ensure funds are available for the scheduled ACH payments.

Troop payment to council:

Troop payment to council is via two ACH payments from the troop’s bank account. Payments are scheduled for March 19 and April 9, 2021

A troop volunteer, who is also a signer on the troop’s bank account, MUST complete the 2020-2021 ACH authorization no later than February 4, 2021. This authorization form needs to be completed for each membership year; authorizations submitted prior to October 2, 2020, are NOT valid for the current membership year.

NOTE: If the troop has previously submitted an ACH authorization for the 2020 Treats & Reads Program or the 2020 Election Week Cookie Sale portion of the cookie program, it does NOT need to submit the ACH authorization again.


The 2020-2021 reward lineup is sure to be a hit with girls! There are girl rewards for achieving goals in all parts of the program. There are special rewards for girls and troops that excel during the Initial Order Taking Period as well as popular items for achieving success during the entire cookie program.

We expanded the Digital Cookie reward lineup to include additional items for girls who fully utilize the Digital Cookie platform. Girls can earn reward items for sending 15+ emails AND at 60+ and 95+ packages.

Check out the full reward lineup here.

The Shoe that Grows reward option is back!

The philanthropic reward option is returning! This option allows girls to donate the value of certain reward items toward The Shoe that Grows program in place of receiving the reward item. Girls can choose to donate the value of the reward item at the 90, 125, and/or 200 package level in lieu of receiving the reward.

Girls who choose The Shoe that Grows option for at least one reward level will earn a unique patch.   

Older girl troops opting for additional proceeds in lieu of rewards can also contribute toward this initiative. Contact the Product Sales Team at for more details.

The Shoe that Grows features a unique shoe design that helps protect children in Kenya from soil-transmitted diseases. When children get sick, they are unable to go school and help their families. By protecting their feet as they grow, these shoes help protect children from disease.

Have a great Girl Scout Cookie story to share?

Got an awesome, press-worthy cookie story on your hands? As we gear up for another incredible cookie season marked by showing the world what a Girl Scout entrepreneur can do, send us your incredible story!