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Cookie Volunteer Resources

We couldn't have the Girl Scout Cookie Program without you, our volunteers!  Check out all of the resources below for everything you need to know about the cookie program. Be sure to check back as more resources will become available!




Election Day Booth Sales

Election Day Booth Sales are held between November 2 and November 10, and provide troops with funds to start their Girl Scout year as well as allow Girl Scouts to practice the five skills

EDBS Requirements:

  • Troops must agree to participate in the 2019 Treats & Reads Program as well as the Initial Order Taking portion of the 2019-2020 Girl Scouts Cookie Program®. 
  • Troops must have a volunteer trained in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Training resources can be provided by the Product Sales department. Troops must have at least one adult at each booth who is an approved GSOFCT volunteer and is an active registered member.
  • All girls participating in the booth sales must be registered for the 2019-2020 membership year AND have an Annual Consent form completed. 
  • Permission to hold the booth sale MUST be obtained from the service unit. The Product Sales department does not assign or approve booth sale sites. 

How do I order cookies for my troop's EDBS? 

The deadline to reserve cookies has passed. If your troop didn't reserve cookies but would like to hold an EDBS, please contact us to inquire if cookies are available to your booth site. 

When and where does the troop pick up cookies ordered for an EDBS?

Reserved cookies will be available for pick up at either a council service center or a local service unit cookie cupboard the week of October 28. Troops will be contacted the week prior with the date, times, and locations to pick up the order. 

Troops may only sell cookies picked up the week of October 28, 2019. Cookies from previous programs may not be sold. 

How do I reserve a booth site?
Once a troop decides it would like to hold an EDBS, a representative of the troop must contact the service unit manager or service unit cookie manager to find out the procedure for securing an EDBS site. It is required that EDBS sites be approved by the service unit. Since each service unit has a different process for setting up cookie booth sites, it is critical that the troop work with the service unit to secure a booth site. 

Can Cookies for Heroes be sold at an EDBS?

Yes! Packages sold for the Cookies for Heroes Program are $5 per package. Troops will earn proceeds for packages sold for the Cookies for Heroes Program AND Cookies for Heroes packages will also count toward a troop earning the bonus ($20 for every 240 packages sold).

How much does the troop earn in proceeds from an EDBS?
The six core cookies are $5 per package and Girl Scout S'mores are $6. Troops earn $.85 per box in troop proceeds and will earn a bonus of $20 for every 240 packages sold. Packages sold for the Cookies for Heroes program will count towards the number needed to earn the bonus.

How does the troop pay GSOFCT for cookies sold at an EDBS?
Payment to council will be made via an ACH payment from the troop's bank account. Troops must submit the ACH authorization form for this membership year (October 1, 2019-September 30, 2020) The payment for the total amount due will be initiated by GSOFCT on November 26, 2019, and may take up to seven business days. Only one ACH form needs to be submitted for the entire membership year, and will be valid for the 2019 Treats & Reads Program, and the 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program, including 2019 EDBS. The link to this form will be available by September 13, 2019.

EDBS Patch

Girl Scouts will earn a limited edition 2019 Election Day Booth Sale patch if their troop meets the following requirements:

  • Submits the ACH authorization form by October 23, 2019
    Picks up and returns cookies as scheduled with the cupboard manager.
  • Troops must inform the cupboard manager if they sold out of cookies and report the number of packages sold for the Cookies for Heroes program
  • Promotes the Cookies for Heroes program and offers every customer the opportunity to purchase cookies for the program.
  • Electronically submits the Election Day Booth Sale Patch Order Form by November 15, 2019



Cookies for Heroes

Cookies for Heroes is GSOFCT’s Gift of Caring Program. Girls can offer customers the opportunity to support the Girl Scout troop AND donate cookies to women and men serving in the military, veterans, and local heroes. 

Digital Cookie

Coming in December 2019


eBudde will open for the 2020 Cookie Program in December

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If you have any questions please contact Product Sales.



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