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Election Week Cookie Sales (formerly Election Day Booth Sales) is a limited fall cookie sale that is part of our council’s Girl Scout Cookie Program®. Election Week Cookie Sales (EWCS) offers customers a chance to stock up on their favorite Girl Scout Cookies and is an opportunity for girls to help build their troop treasuries so they can participate in programs and events they help choose. It is also an opportunity for girls to gain experience in the five skills of the Girl Scout Cookie Program—goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics—and learn to think like entrepreneurs.

EWCS Fast Facts

EWCS can be held from October 30—November 8, 2020.

  • The following cookie varieties will be available: Lemon-Ups®, Trefoils®, Do-si-dos®, Samoas®, Tagalongs®, Thin Mints®, and Girl Scout S’mores®. All cookies are $5 per package EXCEPT Girl Scout S’mores, which are $6 per package.
  • Girls should offer customers the opportunity to purchase cookies for the Cookies for Heroes Program.
  • Payment to council will be via ACH payment from the troop’s bank account on November 23, 2020. Participating troops, including troops that have girls participating in EWCS with their families, must submit an ACH authorization no later than October 23, 2020.
  • Participating girls may qualify to earn a limited edition 2020 Election Week Cookie Sale patch.
  • Reserving cookies - A troop co-leader OR troop cookie manager can reserve cookies and indicate how the troop/girl with parent/guardian will be participating in EWCS by completing the EWCS Sign Up. The deadline for submitting this form is Friday, October 16.
EWCS Disney Virtual Experience Contest

Calling all #CookieMarketingBosses! We want to see and hear your best cookie marketing pitches and displays. Not only do we want to feature your creativity on our website and social media, but also we have a cool and unique reward for the best submissions. A Disney on Broadway virtual experience will be awarded to the 10 girls who submit the most creative marketing ideas during this year’s Election Week Cookie Sale!

We want to know how are you reaching out to customers and building your cookie business.

  • Did you hold virtual booth on Instagram or Facebook live? Did you create a cookie song or dance that you shared with customers to encourage them to purchase cookies? Send us the video featuring your best sales pitch and be sure to tell us how many customers you reached!
  • Did you decorate a wagon or vehicle for a walkabout/neighborhood sale OR hold a lemonade-style booth in front of your home? Send us a pic of your decorated booth site or your cookie vehicle along with your most persuasive cookie ask.
  • Did you hold a Zoom call with family and friends to ask them to purchase cookies? We want to see and hear how you convinced your customers to purchase cookies!
  • Share with us any and all ways you got creative in this year’s Election Week Cookie Sales.

There are two virtual experiences: Girl Scouts and the Art of Storytelling (Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts) and Girl Scouts and the Business of Broadway (Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts). The appropriate experience will be awarded based on the selected Girl Scout’s age at the time of submission. Here is complete information about the virtual experiences. In addition to the virtual experience, the selected girls will also receive a Disney on Broadway patch and a Frozen Bear OR The Lion King Beach Towel.

Contest rules:

  • Submissions must include a photo or video.
    • If submitting a photo, include a brief description (50 words or less) of your most persuasive cookie selling tactics.
    • If submitting a video, the audio must be high enough quality for us to hear the Girl Scout’s sales pitch and should be no longer than two minutes.
  • One girl per submission. Troop and family submissions will not be considered.
  • Only submissions from Girl Scouts registered for the 2020-2021 membership year will be considered.
  • All submissions need to be received at no later than 11:59 p.m. on November 10, 2020.

When submitting, be sure to include the Girl Scout’s first and last name, troop number, and parent/guardian email address.

Girl Scouts of Connecticut places great emphasis on the safety of girls while they are participating in the cookie program. This year, due to ongoing concerns regarding Covid-19, EWCS will look different. The information on this page will outline the variety of ways that girls and troops can safely participate in this year’s EWCS, which range from taking orders from family and friend via email, text, and social media posts to holding an in-person booth sale.

This year, cookie selling activities during the EWCS will vary between communities and will depend on troop volunteers’ as well as girls and families’ comfort level in participating. As troops and girls and families are considering EWCS, keep the following in mind:

For troops:

  • Offer the various EWCS options to your troop. Some options are ideal for a girl and her family to pursue on their own.
  • The determination of whether in-person booths can be held relies on the guidance provided by local public health authorities in each community. Troops should work with their service unit leadership to decide if in-person booths are a possibility. If in-person booth sales are permitted, troops need to follow service unit guidance regarding identifying and confirming a booth location.

 For girls and families:

  • Determine which EWCS options appeal to you and your Girl Scout.
  • Be sure to communicate with your troop leadership how your Girl Scout will participate so you have access to pertinent safety information, how/when/where to pick up cookies, and how to submit payment to the troop for the cookies sold.

Ways to Participate

Family & Friends Sale

Taking orders from family and friends during EWCS is very similar to the Initial Order Taking Period in the cookie program. Girls can craft their sales pitch and then practice it on their most loyal customers! Girls can record their in-person sales on the cookie order card.

  • Connect with family and friends in person, while keeping adequate social distance and wearing masks, if necessary. Or set up a Zoom call and invite everyone to listen to the Girl Scout’s sales pitch!
  • Girl Scouts 13 years and older can use their social media accounts to let people know they are taking orders during EWCS. Girls 12 and younger can use their parent, guardian, or trusted adult’s social media accounts.
  • Don’t forget phone calls, email, and text! Think about the best way to reach out to individuals. While email might be best for grandparents, aunts and uncles might respond more quickly via text. You can include the cookie order card so your customers can see the cookie varieties.

Things to keep in mind:

  • When delivering cookies, consider socially distant porch drop offs. Let the customers know when you are planning to stop by to drop off the cookies. If customers are paying with cash, they can leave payment for you to pick up when you drop off the cookies.
  • Consider accepting electronic payments for cookies.

A walkabout is a cookie sale that takes place in a neighborhood familiar to a Girl Scout(s) and her/their families. Girl Scouts can walk their neighborhood selling cookies door-to-door. This is a great way to reach customers who might not be aware of EWCS and are eager to stock up on their favorite Girl Scout Cookies ahead of the holiday season!

Top tips for a successful cookie walkabout:

  • Map out streets in familiar neighborhoods for your walkabout and check them off as you walk them.
  • If permitted, consider distributing door hangers ahead of the walkabout announcing when you will be walking through the neighborhood with cookies so customers are prepared. Consider bringing door hangers with you on the day of the walkabout so you can leave them at houses where no one is home.
    • Door hangers should include cookie prices, which forms of payment are accepted, and contact information for a troop adult/parent/guardian if customers have questions or want to purchase cookies.
  • Decorate your wagon or cart for your walkabout to create excitement in the neighborhood.
  • Reminder: An adult must accompany Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Girl Scouts on a walkabout. Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can use the buddy system.
Virtual Booth Sales

Virtual booths—hosted on social media—give girls an engaging way to reach out to all the communities they are a part of. Girls, with adult supervision, can create a social media event or schedule a live stream on Facebook or Instagram and invite potential customers through social media, email, and text.

NOTE: Girls and families MUST review Digital Marketing Tips for Cookie Entrepreneurs and Families AND Supplemental Safety Tips for Online Marketing documents PRIOR to hosting a virtual booth.

Top tips for hosting a successful virtual booth:

  • Create a sales pitch
    • Consider the following: What will the troop do with proceeds earned, what has the Girl Scout learned through participating in the cookie program, how a donation purchase for the Cookies for Heroes Program benefits the troop AND active duty and retired servicemembers and local heroes, and, of course, the cookie varieties and prices.
  • Make it personal and fun! Just like a physical booth site, girls should decorate their virtual booth. Check out the Virtual Girl Scout Cookie Booth graphics at
  • Consider how cookies will be delivered to customers and what forms of payment will be accepted.
In Person Booth Sales

In-person booth sales are pop-up style cookie shops where a troop (maximium of two girls and two adults for 2020 EWCS sales) sells cookies directly to the public. EWCS in-person booth sales are generally held in front of polling places, local businesses or at community events where there is a high level of foot traffic. Booth sales can also be held in a Girl Scout’s neighborhood (think lemonade stand at the end of the driveway/in front of the home) or at a parent/guardian or other adult’s workplace.

In addition to the safety guidelines below, see the suggestions below for how to hold different types of in-person booth sales this EWCS, assuming local public health guidance permits.

Regardless of the type of in-person booth sale, the following applies:

  • Girl Scout Cookie booths should NOT be held in partnership with businesses, organizations, or events that a girl cannot legally patronize, including bars, breweries, tobacco stores, liquor stores, and marijuana dispenseries, etc.
  • Booth sale sites are handled at the service unit level. The troop/girl/family MUST follow the service unit’s guidelines for holding a booth sale, including following procedures for identifying and confirming the booth site location and adhering to any time frame/limit for the booth sale, if applicable. Contact the service unit manager or service unit cookie manager to start this conversation.
  • Booth sales can only be held within the service unit’s boundaries. If a troop/girl/family wishes to hold a booth sale in a different service unit, they must contact the service unit volunteer managing booth sales in their home service unit for assistance in getting approval to hold a booth sale in a different service unit.
Different Ways to Hold In Person Booth Sales

Troop Booth Sale
Organized at the troop level and is open to all girls in the troop. (maximum 2 girls/2 adults per shift).

  • At least one adult must be registered with GSOFCT and be an approved volunteer.
  • Troop volunteer(s) must work with the service unit to identify and confirm a booth location.
  • Suggested materials: table, table covering, signage with cookie pictures and prices, Cookies for Heroes flyer and wrapped box, signage with payment options, and a cash box with starter funds.
  • If accepting credit cards, bring a credit card reader or mobile device, if applicable.
  • Consider having girls wear DIY cookie costumes to attract customers. Check out Pinterest for creative ideas.
  • Girls should promote the Cookies for Heroes Program using the flyer and wrapped box.
  • Girls should be able to tell customers how the troop will use the cookie proceeds.
  • Consider using a troop adult’s social media account to advertise when/where the troop will be holding the booth sale. Follow GSUSA guidelines regarding using social media.
  • First aid kit must be available.

Family Booth Sale
Organized by an individual girl and family; only Girl Scouts in the same family may participate.

  • Suggested materials: table, table covering, signage with cookie pictures and prices, Cookies for Heroes flyer and wrapped box, signage with payment options, and a cash box with starter funds.
  • Girl Scout should be able to tell customers how the troop will use the cookie proceeds
  • Consider having the Girl Scout wear DIY cookie costumes to attract customers. Check out Pinterest for creative ideas.
  • Girls should promote the Cookies for Heroes Program using the flyer and wrapped box.
  • Consider distributing door hangars within the neighborhood, if permitted, to advertise the upcoming booth sale.
  • Consider using a parent/guardian’s social media account to advertise when/where the booth sale is scheduled. Follow GSUSA guidelines regarding using social media.
  • Visit EWCS page at for additional information about holding a booth sale on private, non-commercial property.
  • First aid kit must be available.

Drive-Thru Booth Sale
Can be organized by a service unit, troop, or family. Girl participation depends on whether it is a troop or family booth sale.

  • Possible locations could include a parking lot at a mall, church/ synagogue, or a business. Identify the landlord/owner of the parking lot to ask permission and inquire if a certificate of insurance from GSOFCT is required.
  • Suggested materials: a pop-up tent, tables and table coverings, signage with cookie pictures and prices, a Cookies for Heroes flyer and wrapped box, signage with payment options, and a cash box with starter funds.
  • Use traffic cones to keep vehicles a safe distance from girls. Check with your town/city’s highway department.
  • Consider having girls wear DIY cookie costumes to attract customers. Check out Pinterest for creative ideas.
  • Girls should not enter customer vehicles.
  • Consider using a troop adult/ parent/guardian social media account to advertise when/where the booth sale is scheduled. If organized by the service unit, consider posting in a town or service unit Facebook group.
  • First aid kit must be available.

Safety Guidelines

General Safety Guidelines
  • Girls must be registered for the 2020-2021 membership year and have an Annual Consent form on file with the troop.
  • Girls must have a signed Covid-19 Consent Form on file with the troop.
  • Girls should wear their Girl Scout uniform, a membership pin, or informal Girl Scout clothing.
  • Wash hands frequently and/or have hand sanitizer and/or wipes available to clean hands and tables
  • An adult needs to accompany Daises, Brownies, and Juniors participating in EWCS and provide supervision when all Girl Scouts are participating in EWCS, including when using social media.
  • Girls should never provide their last name, phone number, or personal email. Instead provide contact information for a troop adult.
  • Wear masks when interacting with customers and when social distance cannot be maintained. Social distance from others, when possible.
  • Adults should handle all payments (electronic or cash) and be responsible for all cash received.
Booth Guidelines

(including in-person troop booth sales, family booth sales, and drive-thru booth sales)

  • Troops must provide all needed materials for the booth sale, including a table, table covering, signage, hand sanitizer/wipes, and starter cash.
  • If accepting credit cards/electronic payments, troop will need to bring a credit card reader or mobile device.
  • Girls must be present at all times. Adults may assist, but not sell Girl Scout Cookies. Limit of two girls and two adults at EWCS booths.
  • Cookies should be stored off the ground. Take empty cookie cases with you at the end of the booth sale.
  • Consider using a barrier between the girls and the customers.
  • At least one adult must be registered and have a current background check on file with GSOFCT.
  • Ensure the table does not block pedestrians, bikes, or cars around your booth. Ensure your booth setup does not block a business’s entrance.
  • Consider having a sign at the booth reminding customers to wear a mask and maintain social distance, if possible.
Virtual Sale Guidelines

(including virtual booth sales and using social media/email to take orders from family and friends)

Walkabout Guidelines
  • Only conduct a walkbout during daylight hours and in familiar neighborhoods.
  • Do not enter the home or vehicle of a stranger.
  • Do not accept food or drinks when selling.
  • Stay alert while on the road, especially in busy intersections and along the roadway.

Additional Program Information

Cookies for Heroes

Cookies for Heroes is the council’s Gift of Caring program. Girls can offer their customers the opportunity to support the girl’s troop and, at the same time, donate cookies to women and men serving in the military, veterans, and local heroes.

  • Girls should ask ALL customers if they would be interested in making a purchase for the Cookies for Heroes Program. Cookies sold for the program are $5 per package.
  • The Cookies for Heroes flyer and wrapped box should be prominently displayed at in-person booth sales and included as part of a virtual booth presentation.
  • Girls should include the Cookies for Heroes Program as part of their sales pitch, whether presenting to family and friends on a Zoom call or talking to neighbors at a neighborhood booth sale or walkabout.
  • Purchases for the Cookies for Heroes Program are virtual for the troop/girl; packages sold for the Cookies for Heroes Program do not come from a troop/girl’s cookie inventory. The troop/girl and family collects money due for these packages from the customer and GSOFCT works with partner organizations to deliver Cookies for Heroes packages to recipients.

Best practices:

  • Keep a tally sheet or other record of how many packages are sold for the program.
  • Payment due for Cookies for Heroes packages should be collected from the customer and included in the amount deposited into the troop bank account.
  • When returning unsold cookies to the cupboard OR when communicating with the cupboard manager that the troop has no cookies to return, be sure to let the cupboard manager know how many packages were sold for Cookies for Heroes. The cupboard manager will add the Cookies for Heroes packages to the total number of physical packages sold, and these packages will be included in the calculation of the amount due to council.
2020 Election Week Cookie Sale Patch
Girls are eligible to earn the limited edition 2020 EWCS patch when the following requirements are met:
  1. Troop submits the ACH authorization by October 23, 2020. The 2020-2021 ACH authorization will be available after October 1 at on the Finance drop down menu.
  2. Troop picks up and returns cookies, if needed, by mutual arrangment with the cookie cupboard manager. All cookies must be returned no later than November 13, 2020.
  3. Girl(s) promote the Cookies for Heroes Program to all customers.
  4. Troop electronically submits the EWCS patch order by November 13. The link will be on the EWCS page at form by October 30.
Reserving, Picking Up, and Returning Unsold Cookies

Regardless of how a troop or girl/family participates in EWCS, they will need cookies!

  1. Reserving cookies
    • A troop co-leader OR troop cookie manager can reserve cookies and indicate how the troop/girl with parent/guardian will be participating in EWCS by completing the EWCS Sign Up. The deadline for submitting this form is Friday, October 16.
    • If a troop/girl with parent/guardian needs cookies after the deadline, contact the Product Sales Team at and we will do our best to accommodate.
    • Only cookies picked up after October 25, 2020, for 2020 EWCS may be sold. Cookies from previous programs, including the 2020 cookie program may not be sold.
  2. Picking up cookies
    • Cookies will be delivered to cookie cupboards throughout the council the week of October 25. The troop volunteer who submitted the cookie order will be contacted with a specific pickup date and location the week of October 19 along with details regarding the pickup process.
    • Most cookie cupboards are managed by volunteers who have jobs, families, and obligations outside of Girl Scouts. Please be respectful of their schedule and time when making arrangements to pick up the troop’s EWCS cookie order.
    • The cookie cupboard from which you will be picking up the cookie order may not be in your service unit/ town. Please keep travel time in mind when arranging to pick up the cookie order.
  3. Returning unsold cookies
    • Cookies that are picked up for EWCS but are not sold by the last day (November 8, 2020) should be returned to the cookie cupboard from which the cookies were picked up no later than November 13. For EWCS, individual packages (opened cases) are eligible to be returned.
    • If the troop has cookies to return, a troop volunteer must reach out to the cookie cupboard manager to find out when the cupboard will be open to accept returns. When returning cookies, remember to tell the cupboard manager if any cookies were sold for Cookies for Heroes so those packages can be included in the calculation of the total amount sold.
Election Week Cookie Sales Finances
  • Troops earn 85¢ per package in troop proceeds for all packages sold, including packages sold for Cookies for Heroes.
  • Troops will earn a $20 bonus for every 240 packages (20 cases) sold.
  • Payment to council from troops for EWCS will be via ACH payment on November 23, 2020. Troops must submit an ACH authorization for the 2020-2021 membership year no later than October 23.
  • 2020-2021 ACH Authorization Form
  • ACH Terms of Agreement

Customer payment

Cash or check payable to GSOFCT is accepted payments. Troops/girls/families should carefully consider accepting checks from customers not known to girls and families.

In an effort to keep transactions as contactless as possible, troops/girls/families should consider accepting credit cards from customers during EWCS. The Cheddar Up platform is one way to accept credit cards from customers and electronic payments from families. Information about GSOFCT’s Cheddar Up platform can be found here. This short video explains how girls/families can use Cheddar Up to accept credit cards from customers during EWCS.

The Cheddar Up platform can accept credit cards either with a swipe device or via manual entry of the customer’s credit card number. Check with your troop volunteers to see if the troop has a Cheddar Up swipe device that can be used during EWCS.

Girl/Family payment to the troop

This year, council is recommending troops collect payment from girls/families via Cheddar Up. Troop volunteers can check out the How Does Cheddar Up Work? drop down menu on the Cheddar Up page for how the troop can use Cheddar Up to accept electronic payments from families.

If a girl/family collects cash payments from customers, these funds need to be turned over to the troop no later than November 9 to ensure funds are available for the ACH payment to council scheduled for November 23.

Troop payment to council

Troop payment to council is via an ACH payment from the troop’s bank account. This payment will be initiated on Monday, November 23. A troop volunteer, who is also a signer on the troop’s bank account, MUST complete the 2020-2021 ACH authorization form no later than October 23. This authorization form needs to be completed for each membership year; authorizations submitted prior to October 2, 2020, are NOT valid for the current membership year.