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Fall Product Sales

The Treats & Reads Program is a simple way for troops to get a head start on funding their treasuries so girls can enjoy great program activities they help choose. When girls and troops participate in product sale programs, they learn to work as a team to accomplish goals while building confidence in their abilities. All girls who are registered for the 2018-2019 membership year are eligible to participate in the program.

Members of the community can purchase the following items to support local Girl Scouts and their troops:

  • Magazine subscriptions  
  • Subscription boxes
  •  Nut and candy items

This year, Girl Scouts of Connecticut is partnering with a new company, M2 Media Group, for magazines. M2 offers us an advanced online platform for girls to use to sell magazines, nuts, and candy. We will continue to use Ashdon Farms for our nut and candy items. Customers will have the option to support girls by purchasing Treats & Reads in person on the order card or online.

 Why should I participate in Treats & Reads?

Treats & Reads is an integral part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, contributing to the 4 pillars through entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Girls who participate not only earn money for their troop treasuries but also learn skills that will help them succeed in their own lives and communities.

Five Skills of Girl Scout Product Sale programs

Skill Benefits
Goal Setting Teaches Girl Scouts the steps needed to achieve their goals and planning for each step required. Being able to set, achieve, and measure a goal's outcome is important in Girl Scouts and beyond!
Decision Making Participating in a group decision-making process allows girls to learn what areas of work they thrive in and how their skills can contribute to successful outcomes. 
Money Management  Beyond learning the basics of making a change, Girl Scouts learn budgeting skills when they participate in decisions about how to use troop money to fund activities and projects. 
People Skills When girls participate in product sales programs, they learn how to ask people for support. These experiences translate into the capability to advocate for themselves as they get older. 
Business Ethics Girl Scouts learn the importance of safeguarding money and delivering product in a timely manner. Understanding how to gain trust and keep their word are key life skills.