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Cookie Resources and Rewards

2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program Updates

Girl Scout Cookie Program Ideas During COVID-19

Per executive orders from Governor Lamont, which have requested nonessential businesses and nonprofits to operate remotely so Connecticut residents can Stay Safe by Staying home, all GSOFCT events and activities, including cookie booths and the public sale of cookies, have been suspended through April 22. GSOFCT has also extended its remote work strategy through April 22. If you have questions about specific events or activities, please contact Customer Care at or 800-922-2770. If you have questions about a service unit activity, please contact your service unit manager directly.

To help guide you through the remainder of the cookie program, we have compiled these FAQs. Should you have any additional questions or need guidance, please contact us at

What is the “Eat. Share. Show the Community We Care” campaign? Launched by GSUSA on March 27, 2020, this campaign strives to connect customers with councils that are still in their cookie season. By joining this national campaign, GSOFCT hopes to elevate the “Give Cookies” campaign initiated in mid-March to a larger audience. 

All donation purchases that were received between March 17 and March 26 through the GSOFCT “Give Cookies” campaign will be donated to benefit front-line medical personnel, as promised. Beginning on March 27 through the end of the cookie program, all cookies purchased for donation via the council’s Digital Cookie site as part of the national campaign will also be donated to local hospitals and community health care organizations. 

Through the “Eat. Share. Show the Community We Care” campaign, customers will also have an opportunity to purchase cookies to be directly shipped to them. 

ALL cookies sold via GSOFCT’s Digital Cookie site between March 27 and the end of the cookie program WILL be attributed to girls and troops to count toward rewards and proceeds.

How will girls and troops receive credit for sales received through the national campaign? The best way to ensure that your Girl Scout receives credit for these sales is to share GSOFCT’s social media posts about the campaign AND add the link to your Girl Scout’s Digital Cookie site in the post. This way the sale will be credited directly to your Girl Scout. It is not too late to set up a Digital Cookie site! Contact for assistance.

Alternatively a parent/guardian can use the online form to submit their Girl Scout’s information so she can be included in the pool of girls who might receive credit for the sales received through GSOFCT’s Digital Cookie site. Here is the link to the form -- Complete details are on the form.

How will the cookies be delivered to the hospitals and community health care organizations for the medical professionals to enjoy? GSOFCT will deliver these cookies in a safe manner following the protocol of the receiving facility. Girls/families/troops should NOT deliver cookies to medical facilities and first responders at this time. There will plenty of time for girls/families/troops to deliver cookies to our front-line medical professionals after the governor has lifted the “Stay Safe, Stay at Home” directive.

GSOFCT was offering a $5 discount off shipping for orders of 8+ packages. What is the last day this discount will be offered? April 5. Through April 5, customers who order 8+ packages for direct ship on EITHER a girl’s Digital Cookie site OR the council’s Digital Cookie site, will receive $5 off the shipping fee. GSOFCT will pay the $5 discount on behalf of the customer.

What can my troop and girls still do to complete the Goal Getter portion of the cookie program? While we know that many troops are finished with the cookie program, we know there are some girls and troops that are still working toward their cookie goals. With social distancing mandated and in-person meetups discouraged, GSOFCT is encouraging online sales. For girls/families and troops that are interested in continuing their participation in the cookie program, we’ve compiled some ideas that will help girls keep working toward their cookie program goals.

My troop needs additional cookies to fill girl orders. Since cookie cupboards are closed, can I still get cookies? Yes. Please contact the Product Sales team at, and we can make arrangements to get the needed cookies to the troop. NOTE: There will likely be a delay in filling these orders as the cookie cupboards are currently closed.

What is the last day of the cookie program? The cookie program has been extended through April 12. Troops will have until April 12 to make final entries in eBudde, including selecting rewards and ordering Gift of Caring patches.

When will the final ACH payment be initiated?

The second and final payment will be pulled on Friday, April 17.

What do I do if my troop does not have all the money for the ACH payment? If your troop does not have a portion of the money due to council for the April 17th payment, contact Sunny Johnson ( on the Finance team NO LATER than April 15, 2020, to explain the situation and request the Electronic Payment (ACH) Adjustment form. NOTE: The troop will be expected to pay as much as possible toward the amount due to council.

Has a decision been made about the experience rewards for this year’s cookie program? For girls who choose the Adventure Park reward at 300+ packages, the girls will receive a code that can be used at any point during the Adventure Park’s 2020 season (through November 2020). 

If we have to cancel the Do Wow Things @ Lake Compounce event on June 13, we will make arrangements to get the admissions passes to the girl to use at a later date.

If we have to cancel The Sky’s the Limit with the CEO event on May 30, we will reschedule the event.

Can my troop or Girl Scout hold a cookie booth? No. During the time that Girl Scout activities are suspended, no cookie booths can take place and girls selling cookies in public is not permitted.

When and if it is appropriate to hold booth sales, we will let everyone know what the procedure will be at that time. Our decision will be based on guidance from the CDC and the CT State Department of Health.

If we are able to offer booth sales later this membership year, cookies will be available at select cupboards for troops to pick up inventory.

My troop had a booth sale scheduled, but it was cancelled because of concerns over COVID-19. I have cookies that I picked up from a cookie cupboard for the booth sale AND/OR the troop ordered cookies on the Booth line during the Initial Order. Can I return these cookies?

We had requested that all eligible cookies be returned by Friday, March 20. However, if you have cookies that meet the criteria below, contact

Cookies that are eligible to be returned are:

a)         Cookies that were ordered on the Booth line on the Initial Order for a booth sale that was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns OR

b)         Cookies that were picked up from a cupboard for a booth sale that was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

NOTE: Cookies on a troop’s EXTRA line on the Initial Order are NOT eligible for return

My troop has unsold inventory that is not eligible to be returned. When/if cookie booth sales resume will my troop be able to sell these cookies? Yes! Be sure to store the cookies in a cool, dry location away from pets and pests so the cookies will be ready for your customers.


Whether you're a girl or a volunteer, we have cookie program resources specifically for you! Check out the drop down menus below for resources that will ensure you WOW this cookie season! Be sure to check back as more resources become available. 



Resources for Cookie Sellers

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world? It’s true—and it’s pretty amazing! When girls participate in the cookie program, they learn super useful life skills, gain a ton of confidence, and discover their inner leader! Selling cookies = big fun, great friends, and the opportunity to positively impact your community!

Ask your troop leader about participating in this year’s program. Below are some links to additional resources that will help you have a WOW experience in the 2020 cookie program.

Cookie Program Calendar

Coming soon! 

Cookies for Heroes

Cookies for Heroes is GSOFCT’s Gift of Caring Program. Girls can offer customers the opportunity to support the Girl Scout troop AND donate cookies to women and men serving in the military, veterans, and local heroes. 

Digital Cookie

The Digital Cookie platform is returning for the 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program! Troop volunteers will receive their Digital Cookie registration email on December 16, and girl registration emails will be sent on December 18.

In order to receive a troop volunteer registration email, the volunteer must:

  • be registered for the 2020 membership year 
  • have the co-leader or troop cookie manager role assigned to their membership record.

In order for a parent/guardian to receive a girl registration email, the girl must:

  • be registered for the 2020 membership year
  • have a date of birth as part of her membership record
  • have a valid parent/guardian email address as part of her membership record
  • be OPTED IN to emails in her membership record

If a parent/guardian is unsure whether their Girl Scout’s record is all set for Digital Cookie participation, please contact Customer Care

NOTE: If a troop volunteer also has a Girl Scout who will be participating on the Digital Cookie platform, they can use the same login credentials to set up their own Girl Scout(s) Digital Cookie site as they use for troop access to Digital Cookie. BUT, the volunteer will not be able to register their Girl Scout until the parent access date on December 18.

The registration email will come from If you cannot find the registration in your inbox:

  • Do a search for to see if you can find the email
  • For Gmail accounts, check the Promotions folder as that is likely where the registration email landed

If you still cannot find the registration email, follow these steps.

Check out the tip sheets below for step-by-step instructions on getting your Girl Scout(s) Digital Cookie online storefront ready for customers. Digital Cookie online storefronts will go live for customers on Saturday, January 4, 2020. 


eBudde, the online application used by volunteers and council to manage the cookie program, is now open for the 2020 cookie program. eBudde can be accessed by going to



ACH Adjustment Form

Payment from customers ordering cookies

For orders taken in person on the order card, cookies are paid for when the cookies are delivered. Cash or check payable to GSOFCT are accepted in-person payments and should be given to the girl/parent when cookies are delivered. GSOFCT does NOT require payment prior to delivery.

For cookies ordered via a Girl Scout’s Digital Cookie site (either through the website OR on the mobile app), the customer will pay with a credit card at the point of sale, regardless of the delivery option the customer chooses—donated, shipped, or in-person delivery. Girls/families do NOT need to collect payment from these customers.

Payment to the troop from families

The troop cookie manager is responsible for keeping track of product distributed to girls/families and payment amounts received from each girl’s family. Payments received from families should be deposited PROMPTLY into the troop bank account and recorded in the girls’ records in eBudde.

Payment from troops to council

These payments will be made via an ACH payment from the troop’s bank account. Troops must submit the ACH authorization form  for this membership year (October 1, 2019-September 30, 2020). ACH authorizations submitted PRIOR to September 1, 2019, are NOT valid for payment in the 2020 cookie program.

The deadline to submit the ACH authorization  for the 2020 cookie program is Friday, February 7, 2020.

NOTE: If a troop submitted an ACH authorization form for the 2019 Treats & Reads Program OR the 2019 Election Day Booth Sale portion of the cookie program, it does NOT need to submit another authorization form.

The ACH authorization must be completed by a volunteer who is a signer on the troop’s bank account.

Two ACH withdrawals will take place: March 20 and April 10, 2020.

The amount withdrawn on March 20 will be for 60% of the amount due to council per the Troop Sales Report in eBudde as of March 18. The balance due after the March 20th payment is the amount that will be withdrawn on April 10.

Credit card payments from customers for online orders will be credited to the troop in eBudde and will be accounted for on the Troop Sales Report. These payments will be included in the calculation of the amount due to council.

All troop proceeds and bonuses will be calculated prior to the April 10 payment and will remain in the troop’s bank account.

Please reach out to your service unit cookie manager with any questions about the ACH withdrawals or troop finances in the cookie program.

Key Resources
Booth Sale Resources

Cookie Program Rewards

  • Participation Patch
    30+ Packages

  • SOAR Flying Disc
    65+ Packages

  • Mini Plush Dangler
    90+ packages

  • Plush Butterfly
    125+ packages

  • Do WOW Things! T-shirt AND $10 Cookie Credit 
    150+ packages

  • Butterfly Wall Tapestry AND $15 Cookie Credit
    200+ packages

  • Adventure Kit (water bottle, carabiner, bandana, and string bag) OR Climbing and Zip Lining on April 25 or May 3, 2020 at The Adventure Park at either The Discover Museum (ages 5+) or at Storrs (ages 7+) AND $25 Cookie Credit
    300+ packages

  • Bracelet and two charms (butterfly and cookie booth) OR three charms (butterfly, cookie booth, and milk and cookies) AND $35 Cookie Credit
    400+ packages

  • Weekender Kit (travel case, toothbrush holder, and duffle) PLUS 500+ patch AND $50 Cookie Credit
    500+ packages

  • Two tickets and a buffet lunch to Lake Compounce on June 13, 2020 OR GSOFCT sweatshirt PLUS 700+ patch AND $75 Cookie Credit
    750+ packages

  • Enjoy a special event with the CEO on May 30, 2020 PLUS 1000+ patch AND $100 Cookie Credit
    1000+ packages

  • Apple Airpods with wireless charging case OR Yogibo Short bean bag chair OR One week at GSOFCT Day Camp ($250 value)
    1300+ packages

  • Canon Powershot SX740 and 16 gb memory card OR Camping Adventure Kit (outdoor sleeping bag, hiking backpack, and 4-6 person tent) OR One week at GSOFCT Resident Camp (up to $450 value)
    1600+ packages

  • G.I.R.L. 2020 Convention in Orlando, FL! Join other Girl Scouts from GSOFCT at the 55th National Council Session. Reward includes airfare, hotel for five nights, most meals, one day pass to Disney or Universal Studios, and convention cost.
    2020+ packages



Girl Initial Order Reward
Earn the Cookie Shake Blanket Sack with an initial order of 125+ packages! 


Troop Initial Order Reward
Troops with a per girl selling average of 125+ packages on the Initial Order will earn the SOAR T-shirt for each girl with an Initial Order.

Cookie Crossover Patch
Eligible girls can earn the personalized Cookie Crossover patch! To earn the patch:

  • Girls must have sent 15+ emails and created a Me2 avatar during the Treats & Reads Program AND
  • Sell at least 140+ packages during the 2019-2020 Cookie Program.

Gift of Caring Rewards

  • Gift of Caring Patch
    Sell at least one package for Cookies for Heroes OR for a local Gift of Caring initiative.

  • Magic Wash Cloth AND Spa Headband
    Sell at least 15+ packages for Cookies for Heroes


Cookie Techie Rewards
Sell 45+ packages through the Digital Cookie Platform to earn the Light-Up Butterfly Set (three lights) AND the Cookie Techie Patch

Philanthropic Reward Option
This year girls will have the opportunity to choose to donate toward The Shoe That Grows program in place of a reward item. The option to donate will be at the 90, 125, and 200 package levels. Older girl troops that are opting for additional proceeds can also contribute toward this initiative. Contact the Product Sales department for more information.