About QSP

QSP is GSOFCT’s fall product program that allows customers to support Girl Scouting through the purchase of magazines, photo keepsakes, delicious nuts and candies; and—new this year—organic vegetable seed cups, tumblers, and scented candles.  QSP is a quick, simple, and profitable way for Girl Scout troops to earn essential start-up money for their annual troop activities. Plus, girls have the opportunity to build their skills when they set goals and strive to achieve them through solid decision making, money management, goal setting, people skills, and good business ethics.

The QSP Program runs from October 1 through November 1, 2017. New this fall, the online sale option, has an extended deadline of November 12, 2017. 


Nuts and Candy

Choose from 16 delicious nut and candy items on the order card, or even more online! This year's collectable tin is fashioned after a vintage lunch pail and is filled with Mint Treasures. Customers ordering online will pay via credit card and will recieve their items in five to seven days. Nut and candy products ordered with the paper order card will be available for delivery in early December.

Customers who would like to make a donation to the Share program can do so on the paper order card. Each donation of $5.00 will purchase one can of Honey Roasted Peanuts to be donated to the American Red Cross, Connecticut Chapter.



Hundreds of magazines are available through the QSP Program, both online and through the paper catalog. Customers can purchase paper magazines, digital subscriptions, and magazine combos. If ordering online, customers will pay for their subscriptions with a credit or debit card and should expect to receive their first issue in six to 10 weeks. Customers who prefer to place their order via the paper order form will complete the form and give payment to the Girl Scout. Customers should expect to receive the first issue in 12 to 16 weeks.


Photo Keepsakes

Girls can offer photo keepsakes to customers through the partnership between QSP and To Remember This! Customers can purchase their photo keepsake items either online or via the paper order form; they will receive a code to use to create their item.

Organic Veggies

NEW! Organic Vegetable Seed Cups

Available only through the online store, customers can order easy and fun-to-grow seed cups. Choose from eight options, including tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. All seed cups are sold in sets of two. These are a great troop activity tie-in to Girl Scout Journeys. 


NEW! Tumblers and Water Bottles

Including BPA-free plastic and stainless steel styles, with 199+ college and designer options for customizing. Available online only.


NEW! Scented Candles

In the online store, choose from eight top-selling fragrances, including Homemade Gingerbread and Balsamic Fir, with candle labels unique for Girl Scouts. 

For more information about the QSP Program please contact the Product Sales team or (800) 922-2770.