QSP Volunteer Resources

Here are the resources volunteers need to help their girls have a successful QSP Program!


UNIFIED ordering system

nut-E and the QSP online store have been combined into one website. Say hello to Unify! This unified ordering system is where all QSP Program orders are entered and recorded. Instructions, including login and password information, and tutorials will be available after September 27.

Didn’t receive the launch email for the QSP Online Program?

We recommend searching your email for the following email address: girlscout-sale@qspgao.com. That is the email address the launch email would have come from. If you do not find the email, contact us at productsales@gsofct.org for assistance.

Electronic Payment

For this upcoming year, we have streamlined the payment process for the QSP and Cookie programs, including Election Day Booth Sales. Once the authorization form is successfully submitted for the 2017 QSP Program, troops will NOT have to submit the form again to pay for Election Day Booth Sales OR the 2018 Cookie Program. One and done — no more overpayment errors, filling out deposit slips, or printing payment confirmations! 

GSOFCT will be using the Electronic Payment (ACH) method for all product sale payments that are due to the council. To pay GSOFCT for the 2017 QSP Program, an authorized signer on the troop's bank account will need to complete and submit the Electronic Payment (ACH) Authorization form no later than October 27, 2017. Review the ACH Terms of Agreement here.

For more information on Electronic Payment and QSP finances, see Page 13 of the QSP Program Guide and review the ACH FAQs.  

NEW tie-in between the QSP and Cookie programs!


This year we are connecting the QSP and cookie programs to encourage girls and troops to participate in both programs and reap additional rewards and proceeds!

For girls...

Girls who sell $75 or more in QSP Program products and 85 boxes in the cookie program, including Initial Order, Goal Getter, and/or March cookie booth sales, will earn the Altogether Awesome patch. This one-of-a kind patch features the superhero cat from the QSP Program and the sea turtle from the cookie program.

For troops….

Troops that average at least $120 per girl selling in the QSP Program and 125 boxes per girl selling in the cookie program (January-March 2018) will earn an additional $.02 per box of cookies in troop proceeds!

2017 QSP Program Guide

QSP Program Quick Tips

Looking for more information on a specific part of the QSP Program? Well here it is! Check out these Quick Tips documents to learn more or refresh your knowledge on a variety of QSP topics. Information on these topics and more is available in the QSP Program Guide.


Forms and Documents for QSP Volunteers

QSP Video Tutorials

For more information about the QSP Program please contact the Product Sales team or call (800) 922-2770.