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Junior Galactic Explorer Overnight and Light Pollution 101

Wed Dec 27, 2:00 PM - Thu Dec 28, 10:00 AM
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This is an excellent opportunity for Juniors to complete portions of the Junior Galactic Explorer patch. Start in the afternoon with solar observing and making diagrams of sunspots, solar flares, prominences, and more. In the evening, view the night sky and make planispheres to find objects of interest. Plan to stay up late to enjoy the cold, crisp, winter air. Rise early to observe objects of interest and do more solar observing to see how much the sun has rotated overnight. Dress warmly. Bring a bagged dinner and we'll provide breakfast and hot cocoa. This  Junior GIrl Scout event takes place at Camp Laurel, both indoors and out. (For: Troops, Individuals w/Adult)