Engineering a Security System with Simple Circuits - Juniors
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Engineering a Security System with Simple Circuits - Juniors

Sat Jun 06, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Girl Events

Curious how electricity works? Curious about engineering? Join Dr. Gillespie and Dr. Horvat, two female engineers at the University of New Haven, to learn about electrical engineering as you build your own security system with a simple circuit! Girls will learn about electricity while exploring how engineers can solve various problems around the world. Then have fun in a hands-on virtual workshop using Zoom video conferencing to build a simple circuit that will turn on a light when someone steps on the switch! Parents or guardians should be nearby to ensure safety when working with electrical components.  This activity can be used to meet some of the badge requirements for the Think Like An Engineer badges. (For: Individuals) Fee: No fee, but registration required.

A reminder with login information will be sent one day prior, on Friday, June 5.

To participate, gather these materials:

Aluminum Foil

Cardboard scraps (Size of a cereal box is plenty)

1-2 AA (preferred) or AAA batteries

Electrical tape (preferred) or any other tape (masking, scotch, or duct tape)

Masking or scotch tape (for use on cardboard and foil)


Small loose Light bulb- examples below

  • A spare Christmas Light bulb (or you can pop one out of an old string!)
  • A small bulb from a flashlight

Small electronic LEDs work the best if you have those from any DIY project or want to order them from Amazon for a brighter light! (example: