Pillowcase Project- American Red Cross
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Pillowcase Project- American Red Cross

Tue Jun 30, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Girl Events
Brownies, Juniors

Calling all Brownies and Juniors! Join the American Red Cross to participate in the Pillowcase Project. The virtual Pillowcase Project is their signature youth disaster preparedness program designed for youth in grades 2–5 through a 40-minute interactive presentation. The program offers free education in personal and family preparedness for region-specific hazards.

In your confirmation, you will receive instructions on how to design a pillowcase kit and a digital workbook filled with a variety of preparedness and safety resources.

Although, we are collecting registrations through doubleknot, please use the link in your confirmation to register directly with the American Red Cross. If you do not do this step, you will not be registered for the webinar. Please note that the maximum number of participants for each webinar is 500. If the program has reached capacity, please register for another date.


After completing the webinar and workbook, girls will have accomplished the following steps of their Brownie and Junior Safety Awards:

Juniors Safety Award

Step 2- Conduct an emergency evacuation drill of your home or the place your Girl Scout group meets. In the case of a fire, know where your main exit is located, and plan an alternate way to get out if the first exit is blocked.

Step 3- Find out how to read weather signs so you know when to head indoors and get to safety.


Brownie Safety Award

Step 3- Find out how a smoke alarm works. Test the one at your home so you know what it sounds like and to make sure it’s working.

Step 5- Find out what natural disasters are most common in your area (earthquakes, blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods) and discuss with your family or another adult what to do when they happen.