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Detective Badge | CT Science Center (V)

Wed Feb 24, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Thu Jan 21, 1:06 PM - Thu Feb 11, 11:55 PM
Girl Events
Girl Fee:

A “kidnapping” has occurred at the Connecticut Science Center. Ima Boxturtle’s tank was broken into and she was taken! Examine the evidence left at the scene to help narrow down the list of suspects and figure out who took Ima. Learn how to examine fingerprints and identify shoe prints found at the scene of the crime, and break the code on the ransom note!

Zoom link and materials list, including worksheets that need to be printed, will be sent a few days prior to program date.

Fee: $12 per girl, includes badge to be mailed after program takes place.

If you are joining us from outside of Connecticut, please note that all times are Eastern time.