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Girl Scouts wouldn't be Girl Scouts without the great outdoors. Make new friends, build a campfire, hike the trails - adventures await at GSOFCT Summer Camps! With five day camps to choose from, there is sure to be one just for you!

Parent COVID-19 Operations Letter

June 2021
Greetings from Girl Scouts of CT,

Thank you for registering your daughter for summer camp with us. We look forward to making camp More Fun in '21.

There are safety plans and procedures that we are mandated to follow as we follow guidance set forth by the CDC, State of CT Office of Early Childhood, the American Camp Association and Girl Scouts of CT.

We know that Girl Scout summer camp is a time-honored tradition and girls look forward to camp every year. It is not uncommon to hear our girls say, “I can’t wait to go to camp to see my friends, explore new challenges, try a new activity and make new friends.” It’s what camp is all about. We wait 10 months for summer to come around so we can experience the camp life.

Day Camp Operation under State COVID-19 Guidelines

Each camper and staff will be required to have a health screening (looking for symptoms or exposure) check by staff at check in. Any camper or staff with potential symptoms of COVID will not be allowed in camp until medically cleared by a medical professional and proof of a negative test. 

We ask that parents stay in their vehicles at drop off and pick up in order to maintain social distancing and mitigate exposure. There will be no sign in/sign out by parents. Staff checking campers in and out will sign them in and out daily.  

Campers will be required to thoroughly disinfect hands prior to meeting up with their fellow campers and frequently throughout the day.  Sanitizer, soap and water will be available throughout camp.

Arrival by Bus

Campers who will be arriving by bus will be asked basic health questions before boarding the bus. Each camper will be required to wear a mask on the bus the entire ride as per our bus company’s policies. Campers will have assigned seating for the week and will share the seat with her seat mate upon getting on the bus the first day. We will have space between the campers and driver of the bus.

Daily Programming
Campers will be placed in one group of 10 to 20 campers and two counselors. This is their cohort for the week they are at camp. To minimize exposure, these counselors will stay with their group for the entire week. 

This year, we are calling each group of 10-20 a “small camp”. Along with their counselors, they’ll plan their programs and days based on their interests. Girls’ choice (within limitations as to rotate each group to swim, crafts, sports and archery when age appropriate). The small camp approach leads to deeper and richer relationships among the group and connections that will last a lifetime. 

All campers and staff are required to wear appropriate face coverings when inside common use buildings regardless of vaccination status and when unable to maintain adequate distance from others. We ask that you speak to your camper about this, bring a mask daily for her use and show her how to put one on and take it off and store in a zip lock bag in her backpack.

Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing/disinfection will happen throughout the day in high use areas, after each group and thoroughly at the end of each day. There will be a staff person hired to do the basic daily cleaning.

Campers will be able to place their lunches in a bin for their unit this year and the camp will refrigerate them until lunch time.  Individually packaged snacks and juices will be available daily for snack for each camper. There is no way to heat up a lunch this summer by microwave. We are not a nut free camp.  Laurel, Merrie Wood and An-Se-Ox campers will have lunch provided for them this summer.

All activities, including lunch, will happen with their small camp. Large group activities such as, but not limited to, starting and ending the day, all camp games, etc., will not happen this summer due to maintaining guidelines and practicing social distancing. The campers will however still have these camp traditions within their small camps.

Materials that are used by all, will be rotated in and out by each group to allow for cleaning before the next small camp uses it.

Swim lessons will not be offered this summer. However, girls will have the opportunity to have recreational swim (except for Merrie Wood and Clatter Valley) under the guidance of certified lifeguards. We ask that your camper can put on and take off their swimsuit and get dressed including socks and shoes without assistance. On the first day of each session, the campers will be swim checked to verify their level of ability to swim. There will be two levels, shallow end swimmers or deep end swimmers.

We are going to take group photos this year and email them out to families at no charge. This way, you will have your camper’s photo to share with your family virtually instead of a print photos.

Trading post will be set up online through our shops. This way you can shop with your camper online! Look for our weekly newsletter to arrive in your email one week prior to camp starting with the information for the trading post and other camp need to know.

Health care at camp
Should a camper or staff member shows symptoms of COVID-19, we will inform the campers’ families by phone and email. We will let you know of our procedures for mitigation at that time.

Health forms are required for each camper prior to their arrival at camp. Please note that every year, a family must fill out the parent portion in full and sign and date as well as have your camper sign their portion.

Should your child have a plan of care and/or need medications administered during the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. or as an “as needed” med (epi pen, inhaler, etc.) then you will need to fill out the Authorization of Administration Form in full and hand it in on the first day of the session your campers will be attending.

Please note that we cannot administer any medications without you and your Health Care Provider consent AND signature that your camper CAN self-administer. Upon registration, we have emailed you a health from for 2021. If you have not received one, please contact

Feel free to reach out to our Camping Services Team at should you have any questions or concerns. Click on this link for the Parent Handbook with contact information for each camp as well as information about camp, list of what to bring daily, etc.

Thank you for choosing Girl Scouts of CT summer camps.

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  • An-Se-Ox, Oxford

  • Aspetuck, Weston

  • Clatter Valley, New Milford

  • Laurel, Lebanon


  • Merrie-Wood, Manchester